Policía paranoia la amenaza real

Durante los 19 días de la audiencias preliminaries con respecto a las armas cargos contra 18 personas procedentes del 15 de octubre de 2007 las redadas policiales, las observaciones de un antiguo policía sargento de Nueva Zelanda’s "Brigada Roja" articulado poco después de los acontecimientos repercutido [invadida] en repetidas ocasiones . En el boletín del Mundial de la Paz y la Justicia de Auckland [23-10-07], esas opiniones se resumen como sigue:

Indictment to criminalise Maori dissent issued

Acusación Expedido a Criminalizar la Disidencia de Maorí

La Corona ha emitido una acusación contra 18 personas detenidas en las redadas policiales de 15 de octubre de 2007 en Ruatoki, Auckland, Hamilton, Whakatane, Palmerston North, Wellington y en otros lugares alrededor de Nueva Zelanda.

Cinco de las 18 personas han sido acusadas de participación en una banda criminal en virtud del artículo 98A de la Ley de delitos.

Support the cause!

New T-shirts are available to support the people affected in the October 15th raids. Money raised goes to support (such as transport to court, accommodation in Auckland during court appearances, and food) as well as the on-going political work of the October 15th solidarity crew.

"Criminal gang" charges ludicrous

31 October 2008
Media Release: Global Peace and Justice Auckland

The police decision to lay charges of participating in a criminal gang against five of the Urewera arrestees is ludicrous. Having failed to brand these activists as terrorists the police now want to try to brand them as criminals.

Police raids: Tame Iti among five facing more charges

Updated at 6:36am on 31 October 2008

More serious charges are to be laid against five of the people already due to stand trial after the high profile police raids last year.

Earlier in October, 17 people were committed to stand trial on various charges of illegally possessing firearms, ammunition or explosives.

The Crown says Tame Iti, Tuhoi Lambert, Emily Bailey, Urs Signer and Whiri Kemara have now been charged with participation in a criminal group, which carries a sentence of up to five years imprisonment.

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