All projects are for noncommercial use only. The ground pin can be found by finding the pin the HV arcs to the most. I do not have another power transistor for this moment. You need to limit this voltage somehow; the usual technique is to put an R-C snubber across the source and drain of the MOSFET, sized so that the capacitor captures the energy of the spike before the voltage rises too high. But I forgot the value. I have had circuits with this problem that died in minutes with no zener present and which operated indefinitely with a zener equipped.

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I think they gave some values too. Yes it could, the frequency will be ten times lower the flyback is designed to run.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

This simple driver circuit is quite efficient if tuned correctly, and in some cases quite powerful. A better quality driver, power stage and self conserving audio modulated flyback is on my to-do list and will be a separate project. February 15, at Check all your connections, see if the is latching up, and if all else fails try a different flyback fllyback remake the circuit.

So then let me run this by you. I don not understand how this circuit works like that in your case and the others on you flgback and in my case i can only burn out components. Having fun with electronics?


The primary must be wound directly onto the ferrite core. When you say main ground you mean the socket ground?

Thaishopetc shop on ebay: As you can see here [youtube http: I have heat sinked the mosfet but not the timer chip. Hey jozef nice project!

Replace the chip and disconnect the FET with the primary, see if you are getting any square wave on the third pin. I build a prototype according your schematic and it works fine. This comment is particularly relevant given the current trends in component availability and the decline in electrical restoration as part of wastfull society. My personal recommendation is whatever you do, just avoid hot glue, it makes things worse. I remember the drivers of my youth, sucking hard.

Can you please tell me where you got the parts. Actually, transformdr try to make my self a monster flyback like yours but i can not, I just made the first one based on the transistor.

current – is a timer flyback driver lethal? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

They are used for 5555 high voltage for the CRT, which is needed to create an electric field, which in turn accelerates electrons towards the screen, which finally excite phosphors and create the image you see. I did the project, and the spark was hiting.


Is it important how I connect my primary in case of this NE quasi-resonant? It looks something like below.

555 Flyback Transformer Driver

Home xP-rience Power Supply Telephone. May 26, at November 3, at I read about the RC snubber on a website But still its a great circuit http: I passed with flying colors and am still enjoying this unique device in its own neat case.

In fact flyback transformers aren’t really conventional transformers at all, but coupled inductors which means they should be driven differently. I live in a very rural area so online shopping is tranwformer available, the electronic shop takes a month or so to restock their parts. May you please extend them a bit from next time?

Most flybacks are high voltage, but low current. Alex Not to be rude, but ask yourself if a 10K potentimeter set at 9K would equal a 9K potentiometer….