So if you insert photo paper, the printer will print in its highest quality, no paper type choice in the driver’s options is needed. My problem solved itself with not one, but TWO brand new cartridges. Then we needed to print something and when it was sent to the printer, there was NO motor noise yet the dialog box on the PC indicated Out Of Paper. Are these evenly spaced strips horizontal with no ink in them? It waits for me to replace the color cartridge.

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Also, I have a new cartridge but yellow won’t print. It waits for me to replace the color cartridge. The condition of my printer is not addressed on the HP troubleshoot page. Mary Get a new unexpired cartridge or soak the nozzle end of the newest cartridge in hot water. If the test page prints check the cable going between the printer and computer for a solid connection on both ends.

The printer simply remains inactive. One Black and one Color.

My Cxi had done this over times. The printer loses the lines between the end of the landscape page and the end of the first page done in portrait. I had done that several times, to no avail.

If not in spite of ink being in the cartridge it is defective. See if there are any stripes showing up in the color area on those three different test pages.


hp deskjet 960c printing problem

Uninstall and reinstall the driver. Sometimes a lo-tech solution ends up doing the job. If the problem is not related to low ink, the light continues to flash after the cover is opened. I’m thinking possibly the ink didn’t make it down to the bottom, when I attempted to fill it myself, and so no electricity was being conducted It was indeed the printer cable – I disconnected and then reconnected both ends This driver is free software.

HP Deskjet C and C series printer – How to Print a Test Page | HP® Customer Support

I’ve got priint printer set to landscape mode. This time, the cotton swab was quite clean. Unfortunatly, that is usually not practical, unless you know someone that has the same printer or uses the same cartridge in their printer Then we needed to print something and when it was sent to the printer, there was NO motor noise yet the dialog box on the PC indicated Out Of Paper.

Its best to use “Distilled Water”, because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems.

I don’t know if Norton can cause the problem you describe. No luck — the light still flashes. Its possible that those electrical contacts on the ink cartridge, or inside the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly, may simply be dirty.


Cut to the chase, Harry. Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges and carriage with a cotton swab and alcohol. When sending documents, the status window shows out of paper?? Would like to rpint details of vacuum cleaner method.

I have cleaned the rollers and I do not know what else to do. Plus, Pgint don’t know how to change this anyway, since Grayscale is the only option it’s giving me.

HP Deskjet 960C and 990C series printer – How to Print a Test Page

You can see it for yourself if you open the Users manual PDFfile located on your installer CD The Print Cartridge Status light flashes when one or both of the print cartridges are low on ink, improperly installed, or malfunctioning. If I can resurrect it, fine. I have heard that if you are paying outlandish prices for cartridges its the companies way of fading that printer out. The printer needs both a black print cartridge and a color print cartridge. Simply read the information, make your choices and follow the prompts to download new drivers for free.