I love and curse you because now I am thinking about getting fitted for the Miura irons based on how much you have raved about them. While the majority of our testers that hit both clubs hit the N7 Tour farther, I personally hit the LS 5 yards longer on average. Marvin 4 years ago. I have been really impressed after a single round. But read on and find out why I am a whole lot more excited now.

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I usually hit that on the screws but the draw driver aspect of that club drives me nuts sometimes giving me a hook once in awhile….

This DFS is just aadams long. Extremly accurate and forgiving, which is more important than distance period, though I will say it was just as long as my ex- Callaway FT-Tour driver that I have since launched!

Adams Speedline 9064 with DFS Driver

I know, you give out dvs marks very rarely and only when they are due. I have a chance to get a LS Gamma stiff flex shaft.

90644 Good price, good club just not the magic stick I was hoping for Initially I 99064 not greatly impressed with this driver, however, as with most golf clubs once you use it for awhile you become familiarized with the club and it seems to work better.


They all went around for me and relatively solid performers. Now we all have opinions and no one opinion can stand for everyone. Awesome feeling to watch the ball soar out of sight and hear the other guts ohhh in jealosy.

Dave 7 years ago.

Less spin means less slice and hooking effects. Joseph 8 years ago. Dec 13, 44 Comments. Was an odd sound but coming from a Vfs SQ was livable in comparison. I tried the LS simply because of this review.

Adams Speedline LS DFS – Drivers – GolfWRX

I like the ability to change the set up, and have played the Nike driver with adjustablity. Marvin, the bore on the LD is. This club has the looks for sure, and I am glad it stood up to your very tough testing!

I think hitting In terms of forgiveness the blows the D away.

Since you have Mizuno clubs and feel that the Miura clubs are much better I am tempted now… Bastard! I’ve forgotten my password. Less spongy and more slippery.

I shall go and hit it aams tomorrow and return back with my report!! GolfSpy T 8 years ago. I believe that in terms of carry distance, the later type of ball flight is going to be superior but the total distance will suffer due to my guess on the difference in the descent angle.


Reviews: Adams Golf Speedline LS Driver Golf Club | eBay

As you may have already discovered on your own, there are other golf blogs out there which habitually give great reviews to nearly every product they review.

I average off the tee with the occasional draw shot. This thing allows me to grip it and rip it like never before. The distance was outstanding, though what sold me was the ease in which I could work the ball.

It may very well be no different then the grip on my Titleist driver, since they look exactly rfs same barring the logo, but it certainly feels different. David 8 years ago.

Most obvious trait was it hit much straighter than my other two drivers i. Mashie M3, M4 Irons: This driver is made for high swing speeds due to the low spin head, so it suited me xfs. Shaft Length I want to also touch on this briefly now, though I’ll have more comments on it after I get some numbers. Scott 3 years ago.