Once a connection like that is setup, a second user connected using a hub or something like that would be unable to connect at all. Copy the line without the quotes saying ‘SpeedTouch D ‘ the red text in the example above and open this webpage at SDSC: Enter the name ” user ” here. Click the blue ” Apply ” button in the left-top corner and click the blue ” Save All ” button on the lower left. The SDSC script will now return with a new page stating the proper password a 10 digit number. Do not use hubs, switches, etc. Microsoft Windows [Version 5.

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Unfortunately I do not know how to “calculate” this password, but at the SDSC website you will find a tool that will do this for you. WeetHet is being updated!

All PC’s are automatically connected to the Internet – no additional action required! Views Read View source View history. This window now appears:. Now you can reboot your PC again. At the ” User ” prompt you should use the username ” guest “.

WeetHet – ADSL – How to hack the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home

If you can confirm a succesfull hack with other firmware, then please let me know by mailing me. Do speeddtouch use hubs, switches, etc. I tested this hack thanks to FFB who stood next to me sweating arsl hell Incase your modem ended up being dead, due to some silly mistake, then please contact please. The hack makes your modem a Pro version. Change the number to something larger than 3 days eg.


SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

Connect the modem to power and reset it to the original factory configuration by holding the reset button for 15 seconds. Enter the digit number you just wrote down and press enter. Once a connection like that is setup, a second user connected using a hub or something like that would be unable to connect at all. The computer now would like to restart: The red marked text is the required password. I noticed for ISDN modems that speedtoch response isso the new number will be A similar window as show below should appear:.

Send them a mail and your modem will be repared pretty cheap If you would like to know more about the Alcatel Shell, for example for mapping ports, you will need the command line interface manualwhich you can download here.


I found this little and very cool hack at http: See the ” How to upgrade firmware ” page for details. Configure your modem for auto dial-in. Enter the name ” user ” here.


It can take a while before the modem actually connects and changes to the ” Up ” ” State “. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Available for download now, the firmware Gsv7aa3. Now – still avsl the ” PPP ” window – you should now activate the connection by setting ” Status ” to ” On “, as shown below:. Since in the past the default Thompson wireless keys have been easy to hack it is recommended that you change the wireless key.

The Alcatel Pro has additional features like acting as a router, DHCP server and it can actually do the dialing work for you. Speedtojch if you are getting regular DSL cuts, check that your router idle time is set to a large number of minutes eg. For challenge string SpeedTouch D the response is Enter these setting for KPN:.