The desktop and Pc laptop use Vista. Security-Auditing – Event ID: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. All of my Vista updates are current. I am hoping someone here will help me so I can cancel the MIW tech house call!

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But when I disable IPv6 via the following steps: At this point though, it looks like we may have to say No Windows Vista systems at our site.

I’m not in any rush to jump to Vista, I just have to support it. It won’t even u10c081 on that it says no IP Address was found. Is this a recent internet installation? I think the PS3 interaction with the Router u10c108 part of the problem. Why does this only happen when the system comes out of sleep mode? In the middle box labeled “The connection uses the following items: I bought an extra cable just in-case the broadband was going to give me some trouble so I’m way ahead of you.


Even the computers connected to router through wire can’t access internet after this. I have vissta my heart out trying to figure this one out.

I have a dell computer with vista home and i just put ina wireless router to work with my vonage. Here are three representative tests done on Speedtest.


Post as a guest Name. I should also point out that I am in an apartment building with fiber optic 10MB up and down to each room, and I don’t know much about how my network runs besides that.

Ubee U10C018

Well USB cables on modems are just an alternate way of connecting to the internet. Also, I’ve been searching for for a solution to this problem for a couple months now and this is the first time I’ve seen anything remotely related. Well it was good to see that the post helped someone.

The first right after I started up Vista, the second after it had been running for 13mins Note the tremendous drop in especially the Upload speed and the very sharp increase in Ping time in ms and the third after shutting down Vista and starting it up again Note that theUpload speed is now back up and the ping times are back down If the above 3 test results don’t properly show in this forum, here are two URLs that show the speed readings right after booting up Vista and then after running it for a while: So far I’ve just had to turn off IPv6 on that particular card in order to get around the problem.

windows vista – Broadband Connection Problem? – Super User

It does not do this when the machine starts up or restarts, only when it comes out of sleep mode. Wednesday, May 2, 3: Combat, 3dmark06, Limewire Pro 4. The cable guy isn’t supposed to go home until you can access Google. What happens when you connect via USB?


Any further help is much appreciated. The reason I can say it is about made-up MAC addresses, is that at MAC addresses on the same port, our network swtich shuts the port off. It is Event ID: Also getting a cheap router could be an easy solution if you can afford it. I cannot think of anything or any reason why something should suddenly spam a switch with bogus MAC addresses. Disabling the following services does not help either: Made sure in all the power settings that Sleep options were set to Never, Hybrid Sleep was off, and the buttons were all set to shut down or do nothing.

Also this seems to affect all version of Vista, since the other box I have testing with does it as well, just that the switch does not have it set to disable the port if too many MAC addresses are found on it. I should note that the only way I have found to fix the problem is to restart my computer.

When we unplug the Ethernet Cable to your computer, our ping times are excellent and when we plug it back in, they go way up” They also replaced the Modem to no effect.