Sidebar Users main page. However, as of , the standard has been withdrawn by China https: The list is short, but we’ll try to add more as we go. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Then copy the results to the thread. The goal of this project is to port this code on ath5k and add support for AR

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Atheros SOC

Here on my PC: I’ve decided to make the complete switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu: Please consider ar55113 these sections to help developers help you more efficiently. Creative Commons Attribution 4. Hope I’m making sense. We already have a good bunch in the Netfilter’s bugzilla website. This will involve primarily hardening semantic patches that have been developed previously, and putting them in the form used in the semantic patches Linux kernel.

This should help users become familiar with our latest developments. Comments Immutable Page Search: August 23rd, 5.


Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

linhx August 19th, 3. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The goal of this internship is to help build up the set of semantic patches that are included in the Linux kernel. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Some preliminary patches have been already posted, but they need cleanup, functional changes, and validation.

Lihux modes – modes you can set your wireless card to operate in. Adrian Chadd worked at Atheros for 18 months on chip bring-up and open source work.

Wireless Not Found Please open a terminal and copy and paste the following commands in the terminal. Sidebar Users main page. Linux wireless support series – Baked: I’m booting to a CD, as the external hard drive cannot be booted from on this, ahem, less than new desktop of mine.

Round 8 May to August projects: Solutions on Linux for the Open Wireless Movement. Understanding bug fix propagation – should help to understand the flow xr5513 a fix.

ath5k – Debian Wiki

There is ample opportunity to contribute patches to Linux source code as part of the semantic patch hardening process. The time now is For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.


Toggle sidebar Toggle navigation. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Then copy the results to the thread.

My main hang-up at the moment is getting online through the demonstration. Power consumption – details of power consumption with OPWRound8 Last updated at Test AP injection code. The goal of linnux internship is to help to improve nftables, this includes: The installation checks off up to the Online part – what I’m looking for is a step by step in an easy to digest manner.

Nick KossifidisAdrian ChaddBob Copeland nftables nftables is a new firewalling framework available since the Linux kernel 3.