Programmable by command Data format: Insert the ribbon roll onto the ribbon supply spindle. For labels with gaps, label sensor can be positioned wherever media locates. Clean the print head. The adjusting steps are as follows: The adjusting portions for two hex socket screw locks marked in Fig.

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Argox X |

The steps to switch for ribbon wound ink-side out are listed as follows: The driver should now be installed. Print a test page to check print quality.

Turn the pick-up spindle to ensure the ribbon is tightly wound. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Figure 2 2 Print Head Module 3. Remove the outside media guide. Counter-clockwise rotate the screw a half circle and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved.

Clean the print head as follows: The FEED button does not make the printer peel. The sample steps below are based on ribbon wound ink-side in as an example.


Seagull Argox X-2000v PPLB Free Driver Download (Official)

Pin 9 is reserved for KDU keyboard device unit Note: Such proprietary information may not be used, reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of Argox Information Co. Clockwise rotate the screw a half pppb and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved.

Make pplh form for the keyboard. Making a Keyboard Form 1.

Refer to the following command sample. Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide.

Ethernet Module Status Indicators The indicators with arhox different colors help users understand status of Ethernet: Peel-off mode peels backing material away from the label as it prints. Cleaning the Roller Using a cotton bud moistened with alcohol, clean the roll and remove any attached glue. Figure 1 Figure 2 76 B.

For example, the first option of print modes is thermal transfer. Please contact your local Argox reseller if you need this cable.


Argox X Industrial Label Printer.

;plb The printer now prints out a configuration report. Internal character sets standard 5 alpha-numeric fonts with height from 0. Figure 3 3 Dispenser Module Peel Lever 25 4. Do not change settings during printing or sending printing data.

Please note, as shown in Fig. Remove the top covers on both left and right sides.

When using a keyboard or barcode reader communicating with a host through the Centronics or serial port is prohibited. For technical and pin-out information, please refer to the Technical Pllb in this manual. The following installation steps are based on X as an example. Find a Phillips screwdriver to lay down the blade by turning the screw counter-clockwise. If labels with notches or holes are in use, follow the steps below to check position of the label sensor: