This driver also enables mixing different cards, for instance HD and HD Are they worth the extra cash for a bit more umpf? After dropping a few hundred dollars on a videocard, it’s nice to get a good game included to test your newer, shinier graphics. The x2 is just around the corner. Nvidia has denied rumours started by Digitimes that it is to quit the motherboard chipset market in favour of concentrating on its graphics card technologies. Benchmarking, Conclusion All Pages.

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R wasn’t fast enough, while RV offered a great balance of features and performance per watt, but it was never going to win any performance medals at the high-end.

They just changed the cooler.

Asus EAH X2 1GB with four DVI outs tested

Oblivion 9 – Enemy Territory: We put the Radeon HD X2 through its paces in six of today’s hottest games to find out if AMD is once again competitive at the high end.

Asus UK Price as reviewed: I think these ass still have a lot more potential than we’ve seen so far. A large Asus asu will not go unnoticed on the shelves, and Company of Heroes — Opposing fronts, a DX10 game that you get as a gift with this card, is quite an inviting detail. If i required the extra DVI ports, then i can justify the need for the TOP edition, but i dont even have the room for 8 x 22″ Widescreens! We 38700 see if the RVs will need this amount of mem throughput.


It comes in an even bigger box – the requisite amount of goodies we’ve come to expect from top-tier manufacturer ASUS’ flagship cards are supplied incidently. I agree with the PCI 2. The x2 is just around the corner.

Page 1 of 2. Oblivion 9 – Enemy Territory: Nvidia denies planned MCP exit. While nVidia has focused on making larger, more powerful single graphics processors, AMD has taken the approach of adding two GPUs onto a single videocard. Benchmarking, Conclusion All Pages.

EAHX2 TOP/G/3DHTI/1G | Graphics Cards | ASUS USA

I really don’t like that much heat being tapped in the case, even with good airflow. I want to know if the BIOS can work with other cards to unlock them as well.

The dual-fan cooling solution exhausts hot air back into the case, which can be troublesome in chassis that have poor in-out airflow. I also found that the TOP edition, even with the two fans had higher temperatures 33870 to its really inefficient cooling design.

If your power supply lacks an 8-pin VGA power connector, it will run with two 6-pin connectors though ALL overclocking functionality will be lost in Catalyst Control Center.

All that without any change in the design Sapphire Radeon HD Due to different cooler design, Asus turned their power connectors upwards, so connecting the power aus easier than ever. The heatsinks are hidden behind a brushed aluminum shroud. This feature alone makes the ASUS EAH X2 quite an attractive option for consumers intent on setting up a PC with quad monitors – say to watch the stock market crash, or play a flight sim.


You can see this large chip, which needs no cooling, through the heatsink of the first RV core. This combination is made possible by the CrossFireX drivers, that enable 4 cores simultaneously. R wasn’t fast enough, while RV offered a great saus of features and performance per watt, but it was never going to win any performance medals at the high-end.

We have a look at the fastest of the two cards being released – the ATI Radeon HD – to find out if makes up for lost ground with the Asuw series. Then when the PCIe v2. Press Release by Jimmy Mar 18th, It would be nice if it was the original one card solution, I know it still takes up the same amount of slots, but it’s just not the same.

ASUS Radeon HD 3870 X2 Graphics Card

Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. The standard Asus x2 fan blows the air across the card, and releases the hot air via the back of the card thru the grill.

We also check out how well the card overclocks too — could this be the card to buy in the run up to Christmas?