It’s easy to see why; in a tiny package with a low power envelope and even lower price, the Atom offers adequate performance for the sort of basic needs the original Eee PC was conceived to meet. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 1. It does have some hiccups running off of battery, but when plugged in to a power outlet it seems pretty solid. Return of the King or Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

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Specifications and Features – ASUS N10JC: the Netbook Goes Corporate

The fingerprint scanner is also a nice added measure for corporate data security. Asus seems to have heard my cries.

The N10 moves the left shift key inwards, and with it already being condensed in size, makes it difficult to find while typing. Bluetooth is available from the N10Jc-A1’s more expensive kin, but it’s sorely missed in this model. While SSDs may be all the rage these days, the fact remains that prices are xsus higher and capacity is much lower; a GB SSD would easily cost 5X as much nn10jc the GB Seagate HDD, and the best models that offer truly better performance cost even more money and may not even provide significant power savings.

With ashs price tag nearly 50 percent greater than other netbook models, even more when compared to new HP and Dell offerings, it seems ASUS might have priced themselves out of the consumer market with the N Lenovo IdeaPad S10 1. This is a single-core Atom running at 1.


Asus’ N10Jc-A1 netbook

That’s enough to handle most of what I need to do on a laptop, but honestly it’s still a painful n10jd from 24″ and 30″ desktop LCDs. Windows Vista also performed remarkably well on the N10, which seems to be the case with many Intel Atom based netbooks. I was impressed that during the video playback, the Atom N processor never needed to scale higher than the minimum MHz, and I did not notice any stuttering n1jc watching Lord of the Rings: The processor is a 1.

The N10 is designed a step above other netbooks, with a better paint scheme and chrome accents.

N10Jc | ASUS Global

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The other part is the state of the economy. Manufacturer Asus Model N10Jc-A1 Price Street Availability Now Since the advent of Intel’s Atom processor, the netbook market has exploded with entrants from nearly every major notebook player and even a few minor ones.

One layout decision that irks me is the second function key located next to the direction pad. Visit our network of sites: ASUS has also recognized some setbacks with netbooks and compensated.

The flow of system applications and short boot and shutdown times made it much more pleasing n1j0c use on a day to day basis compared to XP, and some benchmark scores improved as well. However, I had a number of times where I was simply typing an email message and the Intel Atom N seemed to have trouble keeping up.

However, even by the end of our time with the N10Jc-A1, the boot-time had crept up to a second boot time! The ability to take an inexpensive, fully functional PC on the road is only part of what is making the netbook market explode right now.


Curiously, Asus also opted to forgo Intel’s wireless hardware in favor of an Atheros card that only supports For instance, with just a Almost all configurations use the dated Intel GMA graphics, which slow everything down, including movie decoding. Also of note in the storage department is that there’s no optical drive; that’s not too surprising with the small Acer Aspire One 1.

I don’t think the reviewer even tried it. The headphone output was great for private listening, and with my Sennheiser HDs hooked up, I had no more complaints about bass or midrange. Given the N10J’s gaming potential, one has to wonder how much including the dual-core Atom might have improved things. At no time did the system fan go above a whisper level of noise.

Using Xsus we pulled in Half-Life 2 and tweaked the visual settings to be easier on the system. Qsus the moment I received this notebook I was very interested in seeing the performance of the Intel Atom platform with a dedicated graphics card attached. Steam names the best-selling games of