See the details here: If I use DeviceManager for installing the driver I get a big warning that the driver is not signed and shall not be installed. Replied Feb 21 , 2: This IS a major problem for me as unlike Wolfgang I am not a Windows developer and have no idea as to what to do next. Did you do all the steps in the readme. You have to submit an application. Now Ive upgraded to Windows 7 and the INF no longer works, when I try and ‘add legacy hardware’ I just receive a message that a suitable driver could not be found.

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AT32UC3 CDC USB to UART (COM4) Drivers

Presumably it should be very easy for Energy Micro to supply a suitable. Perhaps these sub can give you some clues on how to proceed: Windows 7 Miscellaneous https: But not usable for end-users. Replied Mar 294: Replied Jul 05 Replied Sep 28 Stellen Sie eine Frage.

Replied Mar 069: Remove From My Forums.

At32uc3 Cdc Usb To Uart Com5 Driver Download

Have you tried zadig from the libwdi package? This IS a major problem for me as unlike Wolfgang I am not a Windows developer and have no idea as to what to do next.


Replied Feb 061: See the details here: Am I correct in yart that Windows no longer utilizes INF files, if so, would it be possible to create a replacement using the Windows Driver Development Kit without acctually having to code a new driver?

The customer is always right.

They provide a signed Win7 driver installer that can be easily executed by the end user. Replied Feb 065: Here is the best answer the problem that I’ve found. Energy Micro should be able to provide a similar solution for their USB enabled microcontrollers.

Als Antwort vorgeschlagen bpa Samstag, I’ve also run into this problem. With Linux it just works. Community bit MCU Forum. Hi Susan, All our USB examples are developed and tested on windows 7 64 bit, I’m running 64bit myself and the examples are working.

You have to submit an application. It is not possible to install unsigned driver for many of our customers. Right mouse on the file and klicking Install results in an error. Is there a way to work out what the problem Windows has with that INF is when I try and add it via the legacy hardware method?


Virtual Serial Port Driver for Windows 7 for use with standard USB CDC devices

I am also working on a CDC project and having a signed driver installer would make the end-user’s life much easier. I won’t post my modified INF as I don’t have permission from Recursion and I don’t know how theyd take to that but the process is fairly simple for anyone else ysb needs it.

Did you do all the steps in the readme. Has Energy Micro provided any suitable. It’s a shame that Microsoft can’t get their act together on supporting standard USB class drivers without needing special drivers or INF files to be installed.

Is it possible to sign the driver.

It creates self- signed drivers for you that you should be able to install.