You may not get the full benefits of speed and lightness by installing many environments at the same time. Even if you haven’t got gnash installed you may like the extension Ablock Plus. Gecko-mediaplayer is a plugin that allows Firefox to play videos and audio using gnome-mplayer. Yes, just use the ‘toram’ yaboot parameter. Note, the KMS radeon framebuffer will be listed in logs as radeondrmfb.

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The Alternate CD is a text-based installer similar to the debian installer. Canonical and the wider community still fix PowerPC bugs when they are reported and when they find them.

The time now is Joined Mar 24, Messages 5, Should the driver not be “ati” or ubintu More codecs can be downloaded from Medibuntu.

For example, the official Lubuntu FAQ including, for example, how to enable autologin in Lubuntu is here. For the alternate and desktop CDs you will choose what type of kernel to boot at the yaboot prompt. I know the ‘r’ driver is installed on ubuntuu system.

See the burning iso how to wiki for instructions. Add the parameter s after the words “quiet splash”.


More feedback is needed on this. ATI Technologies Inc physical id: The relevant output would be the lines starting with VGA.

General Questions

For example, adding radeon. Sign up using Facebook. Also, if your CPU is as old as ubbuntu graphics card, compiling the graphics stack will probably take you about 3 days of just waiting for your computer, whereas a modern, low-end box could compile it in about 30 minutes. You often see people shorten the name to “x” in which case it overrides the built-in mode.

Linux drivers for old graphics card?

The necessary installer files can be found at ports. What yaboot parameters should I use for graphics problems? You must write yaboot changes to disk with ybin before rebooting. Keyboard backlight For the light sensor and keyboard controls to work properly, the system must load the kernel module i2c-dev before starting pbbuttonsd.

This will bypass the internal hard drive and boot from an external drive or CD. You can check if a framebuffer is working by booting into single user mode.

Help setting correct driver for ATI Rage in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Distribution: The highest level section is the “ServerLayout” section. Originally Posted by elprawn Should the driver not be “ati” or “fglrx”? On my computer the aliases for the usb ports would be: If you are using a KMS framebuffer nouveaufb or radeondrmfb then try increasing the framebuffer depth using a yaboot parameter s instead of through an xorg.


It is a patch to support the newer acceleration architecture in Xorg, as the older one is slated to be removed. What about installing alongside other linux distros? Other users should maintain a good amount of circulation around their machine, possibly avoiding CPU intensive things like shrinking large partitions.

ubuntu – How to install driver for ATI Rage Pro Ultra TF? – Super User

How do I get a Mac to boot from CD? Ubkntu up using Facebook. This will erase your USB stick so only do this if it hasn’t got anything important on it!

As I describe above, I disable the icedtea Java plugin completely without any loss of function to me.