Turn on the scanner. Used to scan multiple pages. Choose your desired file format from the File Format drop down list box. It will help you restore system if installed driver not complete. Installation Please unpack the scanner carefully, and check the contents against the checklist. Take out the ADF pad module from the box.

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Avision AVSU (/) : Instruction Manual

Use the Brightness or Threshold setting to adjust the line art image. For color images, each pixel will be changed into its complementary color at the command of Invert.

Buyer Benefits See how a device can boost ease of use and productivity Determine if the product will keep up with your demands Learn how performance and features tie into the value equation. Page 35 Threshold Used to convert a grayscale image to a bi-tonal image.

Documents can be scanned in any orientation, reducing the preparation requirements. Software Free Download Soft When I power on the scanner, the lamp does not light.

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Contact your authorized local dealer to replace the power adapter or main board. Internet Explorer 11 Open the ADF cover as shown in Figure The higher the value, the brighter the image.


For the most in-depth evaluation of a device, look no further. A low threshold value produces a lighter image, and can be used to avizion backgrounds and subtle, unneeded information. Click on the OK button.

This will help spot major system errors in the scanner itself. Two of the options are Dynamic Threshold and Fixed Processing. Choose the profile you want to rename from the dropdown list box aav3200su then click the Rename button.

Windows Media Player Filter Threshold This value is used to determine the color which will be dropped out. Take out the ADF pad module from the box. For your information, an A4 size color image scanned at dpi at True Color mode consumes approximately 25 MB of disk space.

Click the Scan button to start scanning the document av3200u two image types and sizes. Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the document scanner. OverScan Overscan allows you to add a specific margin at top and bottom or right and left Options vary based on the type of scanner of the edge of the image.


Choose your desired file format from the File Format drop down list box.

There are two options available if Multi-Feed is detected. You can edit these profiles by renaming or deleting them.

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If you need help or have a question, contact us Would xcanner like to update this product info? Selecting Dynamic Threshold allows the scanner to dynamically evaluate each document to determine the optimal threshold value to produce the highest quality image. Default value is 0. Select your desired resolution. Before you install and operate the scanner, please take a few minutes to read through this manual.

If not, press the Start button, choose RUN,and type sv3200su Automatically crop documents according to their paper size. Blank pages can be automatically detected and removed. Page 67 Background Setting This option allows you to set your scan background. To delete a profile, 1.