For the time being, the best advice is to attempt to use XP Fax only if you have a modem that is listed on the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List and using the latest drivers. Fax will not send from the outbox. I also tried the standard driver with both modems with no success. Standard bps Modem. Remember that we can hear the remote fax answer, and play its initialization tone.

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Note that the Windows 98 PC running Microsoft Fax worked perfect using the Netcomm modem and using the same phone line. The service will attempt to resend the fax. Closing Call Modem incompatibility is not apparent during installation or the initial setup. Making Call Here you can see the different modems tried.

Remember that we can hear the remote fax answer, and play its initialization tone. Nonetheless your post has myfastmdoem where the problem is likely to be and I will try a few more modems for good measure. Programatically Disable the Fax Service.


The Fax Service will dial or will answer an incoming fax but then fail with any of a number of unhelpful error messages such as “Line is busy,” “There is no answer,” or “Reception error.

Fax will not send from the outbox. Similar Threads XP Fax the attempt to send the fax failed The remote fax answers, and plays its initialization whistiling noise.

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Is it possible that it has something to do with the fact we are running through a PABX? Specifically, we can hear the modem dial the number. By known good I mean both modems sucesfully send faxes with different applications and under operating systems such as 95 and 98, and both modems can connect to the internet.

Fax service print monitor has failed to bznksia the fax.

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What do you mean “both modems are known good? Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? These errors have been nearly impossible to track down. Here is the most recently tested modems log.


This must be an XP problem. When attempting to send faxes we are having problems.

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Myfastnodem up the fax service. Xenek Stoehr, Nov 10, We have tried sending using two modems to two different fax numbers.

A single little bleep is heard, and the modem goes on hook. Both modems are known good.

If there mjfastmodem no quick and obvious fix for this problem please note as such as time is critical. The event log has the following: We are in Australia. Receive fax fine; Send fax “There is no answer” error. Harleys Educational Supplies Accounts Dept. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

To do so requires enabling both PSS and debug logging of fax transmissions, both of which require fairly extensive registry changes. Standard bps Modem.