The C6 and FF commands are used in the Barr spool header. Beginning length byte record contains one byte. The State attribute reflects the status of the printer. If you are using Windows , you can also be a member of the Printer Operators or Server Operators group or a Power User on a workstation. If you are using a PC application program to generate the file header, leave this field blank. Get started with printers.

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Use only for spool output to computer disk destinations. Barr Enterprise Print Server gives you complete control of printing and routing network documents. Use for spool input intended for hosts and for spool output to hosts. The file header consists of identifier text and data. Also, receiving jobs from an IBM mainframe and writing them to a computer or network drive or long-term storage device. The Output pginter is added to the data in the file. Barr Enterprise Print Server supports printing files with unlimited file sizes.

The name of the UCS print train. To define another printer, open the Printers folder and select Add Printers.

Skip to Channel 1 Immediate. This is typically used when you want to send straight ASCII or when you want to print to a laser printer and provide your own commands using overlays. Some users may want to write application programs that generate the file header.


These changes can override attributes that were set by the PRT ascji or when a host file was received. Also, printing to the channel-attached printers from the computer or LAN environment.

Pass data to printer without conversion. For example, the Copies attribute tells how many copies of the file to print. Users may have individual copies of the PRT utility on their PCs or they can share barg network copy of the utility.

Selecting the ASCII printer type

Write and Skip to Channel File attributes describe the file and how it is to be printed. Windows port and Windows driver. For file-oriented inputs section C in the diagramyou must indicate the type of file when configuring the input. These examples list which port and axcii drivers you would use to define Windows printers for spool input and output for a specified file format, source, and destination.

Non-Printing Characters | Barr Group

Write and Skip to Channel 7. An optional printer control code index. To set up load balancing for two or more printers, make sure the Spool Window printers are set to a Ready state, and that they share the same routing criteria, such as Form name and Class. To direct spool files to destinations, you must define a Windows printer to process the files and send the files to the destination device.


There are differences between carriage control commands. When the PC printed the job, the substitute command is intact. Additionally, most records contain print data.

3.6 Non-Printing Characters

Route files to an NJE host. Use only for spool output to an FTP host. The Printer Properties dialog box displays. Barr Jobs to Mainframe printer driver.

BARR Enterprise Print Server

Define a Windows printer. This is performed with the Format tab.

Normally, the mainframe discards undefined command characters, so the non-standard command character is not sent to the PC. The format header bytes must have specific hexadecimal values.