If you have more than one mobility device, please let us know which one you will be travelling with when you book your trip. Meanwhile, only about 10 per cent of Lower Mainland HandyDart passengers those deemed covered by an essential services ruling from the Labour Relations Board because of their need to attend kidney or cancer treatment clinics are able to get rides. What happens if my ride is late? Drivers don’t carry change, so please have the exact cash amount ready when you board. Attendants must be an able-bodied adult over the age of 18 years and they will travel free of charge on HandyDART. Measures have been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration. For information on attendant travel in Metro Vancouver, visit our HandyCard page.

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Instead, they are trying to maximize their profit margin by taking away our pension plan.

Yes, once a week, national news only. For ex-Vancouver city councilor Tim Louis, then a law student, the funding of a service controlled by Pacific represented the triumphant conclusion to four years of agitation and lobbying that he had led together with other young disability activists like Debby Krentz, Taz Pirbhai, Brian Cruikshank, Mary Nobes and Paul Jones. Can I provide more than one number?

Changes coming to HandyDART service | Vancouver Sun

Attendants must be an able-bodied adult over the age of 18 years and they will travel free of charge on HandyDART.

Transportation Surveys Accountability Centre. What remains to be seen is whether service will be restored in a way that respects the legitimate concerns of employees about their own future security when they retire, or whether the solution will lie in an imposed agreement ebcome ignores those concerns.


Your privacy is important to us. A booking agent can substitute a number on an individual basis for clients when requested. Informing employees that selecting a union to represent them would becme futile on three occasions about September 12,and about November, ; F.

To apply, please make sure you have all your personal information available including your date of birth, home address, doctor’s name, and phone number, as well as any special medical facts that might affect your ability to use public transit. HandyDART drivers are trained to assist customers with mobility issues and are not trained paramedics.

HandyDART – Seniors First BC

Unfortunately, our drivers are not able to provide change while they are focused on getting you to your destination safely and on-time. And I see that because they have responded by going out on strike, they are getting beaten up a fair bit in public. Imminent Arrival Same Day: But the new operator has shown no ability to treat workers with a modicum of respect.

For information on attendant travel in Metro Vancouver, visit our HandyCard page. Sometimes, there’s very short notice between the time of the call and the arrival of the bus. Alerts Next Bus Trip Planner. Your home phone number is the default number called, but a cell phone is the preferred option when being picked up at locations other than your home.

Changes coming to HandyDART service

Taxis are primarily used as a supplemental service when a HandyDART bus becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. A brief HandyDart history The takeover ended a period of locally controlled specialized transit services that began in with the province awarding a first contract for service delivery in Vancouver to the Pacific Transit Co-op, a user controlled society that placed control squarely in the hands of a board elected by mobility-challenged transit users.


TransLink Listens Join the panel and help us improve transportation for the region. This will connect you to Access Transit Customer Care. What if I travel with an attendant? You can complete one of our application forms. Keep in mind that another HandyDART may not be readily accessible, and it may take time for one to become available.

Now, they should instruct MVT to get back to the bargaining table and withdraw their demands for takeaways. Do I have to register or tell someone? An Imminent Arrival call can’t be made any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the booking window. What is the policy regarding inclement weather?

This was my job. In Philadelphia, a MVT driver was accused of sexual assault on a passenger, while in another Minnesota incident, the company is accused of racist mistreatment of workers. Transportation Surveys Accountability Centre.

If you’re from BC and qualify for additional assistance handydarr the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, you may be eligible for a discounted annual bus pass. Zdenka Buric, who speaks for MVT locally, said that the offer represented a wage hike for 60 per cent of drivers and dismissed complaints about the firm’s intention to replace municipal style pensions with employer contribution RRSPs.

Day Before reminder calls are made between 5 p.