This was one of my first Bluetooth headphone reviews. Who’d have thought that? Pads are nice and soft. Gracesheng , Jan 16, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So I played around with the EQ settings until I found an EQ curve that I felt retained the M05’s basic character, while bringing the vocals forward and making them sound less hollow. This last one is often just added and many overlook it.

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AUSDOM M05 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Headphone Headset Earphone With Mic

This took the M05 from a very bass-forward sound signature to a more tastefully done, fun, bass-enhanced signature with clear vocals and a smooth top end.

Nerds rule the world now, a bit of functionality is good, but this headphone deserves a bit better advertisement of how good it is for m0 money.

I am the bass lover and these headphone with 40mm driver produce clear deep bass and right amount of mids hihs and lows. Choose a Country U.

I found that the Avantree had a fuller sound in spite of not being able to confirm whether it has AptX or not whilst the Aukey BT-C1 was thinner sounding with more treble emphasis has AptX low latencybut more convenient it can transmit while charging, and the cable folds into the unit. High-fidelity and crystal-clear vocals? The M05s are extremely lightdo not clamp bluetoothhand swivel so the cups fold flat.


Item Information Ausdom M05 Bluetooth 4. And with EQ – very good sounding! bluetootth

From past experience with Bluetooth devices, I didn’t expect it blueototh work once I left the house. I feel my rating of these deserves a little explanation.


Excellent build quality, durable, comfortable degree DJ style rotating ear cups which can completely cover your entire ears. We hope that we can all grow, progress and m005 fun in work and in life. Comparisons Here are a couple brief comparisons of the M05 to other headphones: Secondly, it can improve the quality of sound because again, there’s less converting going on Both of these things depend on one thing So blustooth you’re not afraid to EQ, you might want to give these a shot.

I have a very extensive and eclectic musical library. GraceshengDec 14, I think this is why the bluetooth tech is so good. She speaks English, not Chinese. It is a warmish comfortable sound and my guess is that the mids are excellent on the M05, producing an effortless sound. I mainly listen to experimental electronic and metal and mainly used those genres to evaluate the M05, along with a bit of classic rock thrown in for good measure.

AUSDOM M05 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Headset Earphone With Mic | eBay

For its price, this headphone is stacked with features, good form and function, has a 3-dimensional engaging sound, gets good battery life, can be ran in cabled mode, and has good Bluetooth functionality.


The recognition of our customers and their suggestions are our driving lbuetooth. Standby time is a staggering hours with 20 hours music playback time.

I found this curious with the M04s but soon found that it was actually fine and actually, in the garden with the lawn mower was better, because it was out of the way. I bluetoothh impressed so far with these.

The packaging for the Ausdom M05 is simple. M055 is also enough give in the design of the cups that the cups swivel to about 30 degrees to the outside which ensures a decent fit. Easy to use because there is a specific button for every action. Nope, I walked past my next door neighbor’s house.

AUSDOM M05 Over-ear Bluetooth Stereo aptX Headphone

The Ausdom M05 used in this review was provided for free from Ausdom for an honest and in depth review. The cable is pretty thin and doesn’t inspire confidence.

Hey, it was recommended to me because I watch The Walking Dead. I started my journey listening at work with the Geek Out Listening to 9Bach — Lliwiau.