The bride, daughter of Capt. He tried frantically to bad and called hts partner. It will also give the children a chance to know their parents and for parents to know their children. Marie Thunder was on. For that hard-to-heat room or for the whole house, here are the stoves and heaters for you to choose from. John Tribe, an all-time high.

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Tenderers imos bid on any one or more of the above issues, but no tender for part only of any issue will be considered. Ng is teaching his class Cantonese, the southern Chinese language which Victoria Chinese speak.


See story Page Quirt street suitable Lovely, modern home. UBC s fall convocation Dec. Leaving for a honeymoon In California, the bride wore a heige wool suit trimmed with mink. Carrlck, who polled Securities Commission.

Over styles for all sifces, all occasions plus school — 35 cents. Colors you’ll never tire of: Drummond won I Lockett, Mrs.

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Sir Brian claims that he learned most of what he knows of soldiering from General Montgomery, and points to the basis of all good generalship, to wit: The Colonist King Fisherman contest ended last Sunday.

You are invited to try” this renowned rum.

He was fined on the first count and on the second. Kimmy Tai ndonwas flower Rirl in a pink frock and carrying a basket of mauve chrysanthemums.

The old system of writing to fellow Scouts once a year for fellow ship has been moved into the field of btaview. Jones last night proudly stated that night school classes air progressing favorably.

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James Harry Sharp, son of Mr. Harold Orr, Transit ‘Road. Use shredded coconut or shredded licorice for hair. Barnard Manic of Seattle. Ng hopes to launch an advanced class and teach more reading and writing. Fallout Potentialities jgjy w?!

Urge machinery shed Good water suppiy Very comenlent toralxm. Miss Eileen Whiting and Mr. The canvassers turn their collec ttons over to team captains at frequent Intervals, he said, and the money ts dispersed until banked. Pennock can come forward with facU and figures and show me where we get back in benefits one-quarter of what is sent to the U.


MO a year gross in berries About 14 acres cultivated otherwise, small urrhard. EV any time. Last year Cowichan Bay fishing lasted until Remembrance Day.

Full text of “The Daily Colonist ()”

Thursday’s and low at Nanaimo. David Carmichael, by a satin how outlined In seed, p. Jason should rest a bit—his life is getting complicated. The concert of light music will be held on a parking lot at the intersection.

Who lit Nixon in the first debate?