And you’re right in that DAC chips aren’t only part of the equation. Jun 5, at In my experience it’s not even close, YMMV. Jun 6, at I could probably get a better pre-amp, but it also lets me combine everything for movies and surround sound, and it works great. You’re not alone in that thinking. Post 3 of 7.

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It’s decent but it’s not as good as it could be. Question is, how the heck do I get this thing up and running? Rules Be most excellent towards your fellow redditors.


The SACD’s analog out is the one you will want to use no matter what. No selling or buying. Driver for Burr-Brown ?

This class is supposed to have native support in Windows since Windows 98SE via usbaudio. Ah yes but also fetches a good resale price and is a respected brand, so might be pcn2702 in the long run.

Driver for Burr-Brown 2702?

You can’t upgrade to a better DAC later, and you have to have your ipod in burr-bfown do change tracks and such I’m not just listening at my computer desk. When Windows asks for a driver, you could try pointing it to usbaudio. If that fails, try Microsoft customer support. I hear all sorts of drawbacks compared to my Fubar II which also has a Burr Brown PCM but in a far better design —the Yamaha burrb-rown grainy on vocals, too harsh in the upper midrange, loose and undetailed in the bass especially apparent and more.


It’s not terribly low end, the specs are actually pretty decent. I have updated my USB drivers through my manufacturer’s website. Yes, my password is: Except no remote control or digital out or video out. This includes general questions or comparisons about gear and peripherals regardless of intent to purchase.

Submit a new pcmm2702.

Have you tried a different port? Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

The Yamaha is used as a pre-amp and processor, which sends the front stereo out to my tube power amp, which is far superior.

I’ll be surprised if you can tell the difference. We do not allow: Or someone else’s if it gives audiophiles “The fizz” Post not appearing? Given they’re about the same price, and Arcam is a better known brand, I’d go for the rDac over the DacMagic. I’m also considering buying a used DacMagic to demo since they hold their value and I can flip it back on eBay without taking a hit, but they’re sort of crazy expensive for just a DAC, and I’d much rather be in good shape with either the DAC in my receiver or the Pure i20 than buy another piece of gear in the multi-hundreds-of-dollars range.


How good are Burr-Brown DACs found in typical consumer grade receivers? : audiophile

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Low effort questions also go here. See how the i20 sounds first, see if there’s a huge difference from sending the digital to your receiver, compare them heavily, then decide if it’s worth it.

PCM Datasheet(PDF) – Burr-Brown (TI)

I think there could be a place for that if done right Depends on how well the older one was made and what it’s capable of. Image posts must be accompanied by impressions or a review that adds value to the post. As for the DacMagic, yes, I’d love to get my hands on one, especially the new Plus model with async USB support and hi-res bluetooth audio.

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