Can you help, please? Try to change the cable with other cable. I hope you can find solution for your problem on the internet. I did everything as mentioned, the whole thing seems to work just fine with right mechanical responses. Every time I encounter any printer problem, I always have to resort to internet solution, even though I have already encounter and solve that problem before. Then I tried to print on another computer both MacBook Pros.

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Canon PIXMA iP1980

How to reset the printer I know that there are many ways on the internet describe how to reset the printer using IPTool or GeneralTool resetter for iP Is the result good? From the symptoms you told me, I think I can narrow down the problems to two places: Canon Pixma iP Printer Driver. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This is a printer that defines what quality in terms of printing is all about.

But in my case, after I download the program, I cannot run the up1980. If you neglect to do this, it can make the reset fail.


cwnon Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The power light will on for a ip19800, and then will off. Take out and then reinsert the cartridge.

Please try reset solution using software. This site uses cookies. Install the software to enable the printer”. Error message and its meaning: If that other printer can be detected, you have a case of bad USB printer port.

I just hit the power button to turn the printer off and now the green light is blinking continuously. Black Cartridge is broken. After the power light goes out, unplug the cable.

It is a device ideal for both commercial and home use. While you hold the power button, plug the cable back, so that now the power button becomes on, right after you plug the cable. I suggest you to try to print using another computer to test where the problem is. The next time it was turned on, the same thing happened.

Canon Pixma iP Repair Solution | Life in a Nutshell

Then tried to print, and it printed perfectly. Or you can try the jp1980 method. Color Cartridge is broken. Then the feed would continue, but the page would not go completely out of the printer.


For me to be able to help your case, I really need to look the printer myself, which is not applicable. Is the orange light flashes?

Canon Pixma IP | Asianic Distributors Inc. Philippines

Notify me of new comments via email. It would help if you describe more about what the symptom. Then it acted strange again. Try to ccanon the cable to another printer with the same kind of square port. Sorry I was missing your comment.

I hope you can find solution for your problem on the internet.

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