Multimedia love such high parallelism. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. In a press release, the company claimed to make the first device capable of sustaining a billion operations per second a “BOP”. Chromatic Research was known for relatively large number of employees peaking around Interestingly enough, most of these big bugs do not appear in older driver and after combining results from two driver versions I could successfully complete almost all game tests. Compiler complexity increases, benefits diminish with less adaptable algorithms, wiring delays, and a widening gap between on-chip processing speed and available bandwidth to external memory. So I found in the Amigo config files that the vid card driver for ‘chromatic research’ was created by knoppix.

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Being best in DVD alone did not sell enough. Design philosophy was derived from a vision of unpredictably developing multimedia heavy future. The whole business model of selling IC design to semiconductor manufacturers did not guarantee much profit for Chromatic.

I have the same card and have surprisingly had Amigo Zip load drivers sucessfully. Most important for me is a specialized polygon rendering pipeline for 3D graphics- sixth ALU group of Mpact2. First Mpact had chroamtic to offer as a 3d card and some dedicated hardware clearly became necessary to cover new trends. Bigger code size of CISC architecture can be tamed with instruction stream compression.

A mmpact kind of hardware Nowadays we have only one way of making 3d accelerators, but in the middle of nineties all options were open. In a press release, the company claimed to make the first device capable of sustaining a billion operations per second a “BOP”. The root user who created this distro used slackware. Excluding the cache there is only gates in the pipeline and it does full speed hcromatic correction, texture transparency testing, texture and fog blending, pixel dithering and alpha threshold.


HUD and sky in Hellbender are corrupted. Questions to continue this thread.

Looking into knoppix I have since downloaded their live-distro and have now a running linux with a swap file in dos. Feature set is complete, but there are other quirks instead.

By being based on 9 bit bytes instead of 8 mpat bytes, this was the equivalent of adding a sign bit to each byte which is very useful for MPEG decoding. More specialized designs with minimized programmability are of course faster.

MPACT 2 – Wikipedia

In the company laid off half its employees cgromatic shortly thereafter was acquired [1] by ATI Technologies. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. Mpact 2 work with X? Perhaps only Mpacts with own display output can function in such way. Chromatic claimed to make the first device capable of sustaining a billion operations per second.

And then there is a wrapper for GlQuake and Quake chromatjc, but it is a beta with issues. Incoming shows heavy color dithering. Chromatic Research was noted for having a very large number of employees around at its peak given the limited scope of what it was doing throughout its lifetime. The boot settings listed may also include that initial computer Apparently Chromatic Research has gone out of business and XFree86 doesn’t plan to mantain drivers for this co.


So although it delivered excellent 2D graphics performance, state of the art audio capabilities and accelerated video playback in a time when CPUs could not perform DVD playback unassistedthe lackluster 3D performance was fatal to its market acceptance. Unlike fixed function graphics program jumps are supported and hardware loop counts too and without branch overhead.

LG Semicon C-m2 Stb Vintage 3d Chromatic Mpact 2 8mb RDRAM VGA Media Multi Card

Alternative super-scalar approach with run-time instruction parallelizing has higher overhead. Quake 2 was up to expectations, Quake 3 chromtic only via d3d wrapper. The graphics unit is a stage pipeline with 2 kb texture cache. The company was not able to interest its customers to cooperate on software development, nor create enough revenue to cover its development cost.

Chromatic Research – Wikipedia

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? First released card had two megabytes of memory, this one comes with four, and some carried even six.