Tray 2 is a cassette built in to the base of the printer the single-sheet slot is in the front There is the usual pickup roller and pad arrangement. An Electrostatic Transfer Belt ETB is used as part of the imaging process, acting as both a transporter for the paper and an electrically active surface for the toner to cling too as it passes over the transfer rollers. Tray 1, 2 and 3 media sizes: At the top of the printer the page exits through the fuser where heat and pressure make the toner adhere. Should you find my help use full just give some credit for my effort please.

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Hope this will help. Google gave results and 21 results for the PDF. Remanufacturing problems have largely been overcome and such cartridges are readily available.

The model is no longer in production but is still widely used. That is probably why Partsurfer now says This product QA is no longer supported by HP as of May, and service parts may not be available. Message 6 of As usual there is a cljj model of fuser for the American market where volt power supplies are normal.

The full procedure for both ETB and Fuser can be found in the service manual. They also made them deliberately difficult to refill.

Continual printing where the machine is able to start another page as soon as it finishes the last may give a longer life Some HP Manuals mention this 22605.

Remove the cable connectors from the ETB to the chassis and undo the grounding screw Pull out the white HT wire from it’s connector Remove the ETB hinge screws on both sides Remove the hinge cams on both sides The old ETB should now lift free Align the new Cli with its screw holes at the base, taking care to avoid contact with the belt itself.


Printer manufacturers dislike recycled or remanufactured cartridges.

The job isn’t arduous, but it does mean removing screws and exposing circuits that can carry high voltages, as does any electrical repair work. Other merits listed by HP are that cclj Easily fits into office environments.

Remove the left cover, there is a tab on the lower front corner that needs to be released.

HP Color LaserJet Printer

These technical pages do not constitute an offer for sale; just our knowledge at the time of writing. Performance is quite good but this design has been discontinued.

At the moment those fusers aren’t available in the UK and will only be available on special order – email to ask. Should you find my help use full just give some credit for my effort please. A Separation pad and pickup rollers Q is listed by some sources – it seems to be a myth. These printers were made between and predecessor models CLJ and were Whilst cclj is just a screwdriver job the machine must be disconnected from the power outlet and it does require a bit of experience of computer and printer repair.

toner starvation in color prints clj – HP Support Community –

Use Google to search for Q or buy a manual from one of the websites specialising in such things. It may be possible to buy a simplex ETB and transfer the motor, covers and other parts from an old ETB onto the new one but that will breach the warranty on the new part. The newer CP series has similar performance and price; the only sting being that the newer cartridges are smaller pages instead of 2, for colours. Non – HP cartridges refills or 205 may lack chips to do this and may not be able to give the SureSupply information.


Some pictures derived from HP User and Service guides. However the seems to have reached the limits for this design; successors like the CP and CP use a completely redesigned engine. A typical problem is that the SureSupply information doesn’t work, or isn’t complete.

HP RM1-1891-000CN, Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB), CLJ 2605- Original

I have the same question. All remanufacturers will have a return rate due to random misjudgements but aren’t likely to give straight answers when asked about it. Message 3 of If there is toner that is not being 205 that would indicate a HVPS problem. The only roller and pad are for the cassettes they fit both tray 2 and the optional tray 3. There are two kinds of ETB because the duplex path is down the back of the transfer belt and has an extra coj to push the paper down, round and into the registration station.