The license is stored securely in a CmDongle. Each CmDongle is equipped with an internal clock. The chance of breaking the bit AES encryption was nearly to none. The update is based on data exchange. CodeMeter supports the complete range of controllers, devices, and computers: There are no additional license files needed. This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses.

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This resulted in further brute-force attacks to the encryption. The firmware update is signed by Wibu-Systems and can be distributed online or offline. CodeMeter promises a secure future.

Software vendors can use functions that were not yet available at the time of delivery. Thus, no additional drivers are required, and the user can connect to a PC and use a CmDongle without having administrator privileges. Additional Mass Storage Flash Memory. This architecture allows the delivery of your software and data directly via a CmDongle. The license is stored securely in a CmDongle.

They had two weeks to figure out how to run a protected application with no CodeMeter stick.

Hacker’s Contest | Wibu-Systems USA

This memory can be overwritten more frequently, is faster, and works in a wider temperature range. Thus, users can easily transfer licenses from one computer to another by plugging the CmDongle into the machine they need.


With CodeMeter, you can license more than 4,, different products independently. This specific CmStick is highly recommended if the software is time limited and rarely used. This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses.

Premiere at SPS 2013: The new CmStick/M offers CodeMeter security with encrypted USB Flash Drive

When using virtual machines, you can specify whether the license remains valid if it is moved or copied to a virtual machine. Software vendors that make use of CmDongles can update licenses directly in the field. When it comes to software protection, CmDongles provide the highest level of security. Multiple Vendors — One CmDongle. The license is saved in a special file codemeer is bound to the hardware of the target computer.

But we did receive some excellent partial solutions and we awarded those contestants with to 2, Euro each. Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas. Click here for the complete list of the license models we support.

Each stivk these licenses may be a multi-user license with thousands of concurrent seats. The license update can be transmitted automatically by means of CodeMeter License Central.


Essentially, each user receives the same software, but a different license that entitles him to use your protected software to the extent allowed by you. In practice, the user sends the software publisher a remote context file that identifies sgick desired CmDongle.

CmDongles are also optionally available with up to 64 GB of mass storage flash memory. More Than 4,, Different Product Items. CodeMeter requires your attention only once: To win the contest you had to manipulate a CodeMeter protected software so it would run without CodeMeter. This feature is particularly attractive to suppliers of plug-ins and extensions. Reading keys and copying the firmware is therefore practically impossible.

This clock is located in the smart card chip and is protected against tampering.

Once saved, the secret keys never leave the unit. Software vendors can make a choice before sfick the units, and set HID or MSD themselves or leave the choice open to their customers.