If you want to upload firmware to router by tftp, you will have to turn your device to this mode. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in WDS allows multiple NetPassage 26G routers to connect to one other over a wireless connection, eliminating the need for an Ethernet backbone to expand your Wi-Fi network. Both the electronic user manual and the printed quick-installation guide include a wealth of screenshots for configuring the NetPassage 26G and your computers for Windows networking. The 26G’s security offerings are weak.

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Compex provides toll-free technical support Monday through Friday, 8 a.

Compex – COMPEX WLU54G g USB Wireless lan

The Asus Blue Cave smart router is the whole package with style, speed, security and all We leverage on our expertise in wireless system design and high level development in Qualcomm Atheros proprietary wireless drivers.

This makes the NetPassage conpex worth considering only if you need the Webcam feature. Get to know our ADC Services. The CD also bears the handy uConfig. Find out more about the specifications of our wide range of WiFi modek derived from QCA Reference Designs and discover high throughput connectivity for all applications.


The procedure is following: The Synology RTac might be the best thing that’s ever happened to home networking Eager for High Power WiFi modules? This page has been assembled from a number of mpdem pages from the old wiki and the current wiki.

You view Webcam images from within Internet Explorer via a connected computer. The Compex NetPassage 26G router comes with a long three-year warranty, but you need to activate it by sending in the included registration card. The Webcam feature is trickier to set up and entails loading separate firmware onto the router.

Now reboot your router manually turn off – turn on and OpenWrt will boot. Wait until the Diagnostic LED second from the left starts flashing quickly. Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. In other words, you can use the NetPassage 26G either as a router and a print server, or as modemm Webcam controller, but not both.

In our informal testing using the v1. With over 20 years of experience in wireless industry, you can trust us to assist you in your development.

Our Globalized Experience

We strive to meet a wide range of development demands in both hardware and software. Diagnostic LED will now stop blinking for a while; if the flashing procedure is successfully done, it will start blinking slowly.


With 20 years of experience, Compex excels in Qualcomm Atheros based WiFi hardware and software development. See the full range. Jacobi July 22, 8: Discover Qualcomm HK01 With top speeds and added features for gaming, security and network prioritization, the The procedure is following:.

The Compex NetPassage 26G router is easy to set up. This will happen almost immediately. Visit manufacturer site for details. WDS allows multiple NetPassage comlex routers to connect to one other over a wireless connection, eliminating the need for an Ethernet backbone to expand your Wi-Fi network. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Best Wireless Routers for The Compex NetPassage 26G router places all its ports on the rear panel: If you want to change of wireless MAC, see this.