Once you modify the IP address, you need to remember it for the Web-based Utility login next time. This feature copies the MAC address of your network device to the Router. Check to enable MAC address filter. User Manual V 1. Specify the text strings or keywords needed to be filtered. Click Add to finish the MAC add operation.

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Click Cancel to drop all setting saved last time. The built in solid battery recharges by USB and dependant on usage it will last for up to one month between charges. This section deals with the single port forwarding mainly. For example, if sireless IP issubnet mask should be ; if the IP issubnet mask should be.

Tools – Restore to Factory This button is to reset all settings to the default values. Tools – Time Settings Here a USB adapter that updates them. Do NOT modify it unless necessary.

The Internet traffic from the external port will forward to the internal port. Check to enable traffic statistics. The entry ranges from to The PIN code used by default.


SG :: Conceptronic CAPM Wireless Access Point

It is recommended to enable this option. Advanced – URL Filters In order to control the computer to have access to websites, you can use URL filtering to allow the computer to have access to certain websites 1500n fixed time and forbids it having access to certain websites at fixed time.

Enter the old password. Once detecting the unknown attack, the Router will restrict its bandwidth automatically.

There s no user-serviceable part inside the router. If you experience slow connections or break-downs, there can be another accesspoint in your area which can interfere with your wireless channel. Accessories of this router, like antenna and power supply, are danger to small children under 3 years old.

Conceptronic. 150N Wireless LAN Broadband Router. User s Manual. Version: 3.0

This section is to set a new user name and password to better secure your router and network. Click this button to select the upgrade file. The PC s packets sending from the Cconceptronic. All the products and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective More information. You will need it when you want to configure a Wireless Client to connect to the wireless router!


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Top reads Invite a friend! The final purpose of x authentication is to check if the port can be used. In that case, you can try another channel. For system management purpose, a correct time setting is critical to have accurate time stamps on the system logs.

Free Prizedraw Why join? Wireless – WPS Advanced – Static Routing This page is used to configure the Router s static routing. The PC s byte Mbyte received from the Router. Input the received s address here. Activate the checkbox to enable DHCP server.

Add the selected well-known port to the policy ID.