My daughter bid a set of X24 Callaway graphite from Empire Golf through bidding as a Xmas gift to me. I asked him what website he ordered? My second clue should have been that the company was based in China. But more often than not, I no longer have a choice. Did you notice is was hard to understand, it started one sentence with a lower case letter and that it used American spelling when it is trying to pass itself off as a British website with prices in pounds sterling. He played the golf as better improve.

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Their website is a clone of http: He checked with the website, there is no longer, but he notice other website name while same web design picture. Taylormde is great to hear. They are very good, extremely creative and incredibly hardworking.

Factory Warranty or go to the store. Since then I always do research before buying.

pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1

Has anyone bought clubs from http: I checked out some of these sites, some of them have evolved to sell left-handed clubs probably from reading this site. Stop asking about reputeable sites!


There prices for the most part are inline with rockbottomgolf. These mistakes were all subtle but prevented adjustment of the club face and loft to the desired position. My co-worker bought from buyinggolfonline. Does this mean the clubs are bogus???? Where do I sign up? And this leaves much more room for mischief. He bring that iron club to me at my home. When he got a package and realized that address from China.

I have little pity for the golf companies. I contacted Google and after a few days they removed these website. Has anyone ever checked out http: Just checking to see if anyone has any info on the company. We cancelled the order and the credit card we used. Would like to know if this is true and are they selling genuine or fake clubs. Im taylornade into buying a set of Titleist Ap2 irons with precision shaft 5.

Though I sold the nice, taylodmade Callaways I just bought, I did not place that order.

Has anyone dealed with http: They say they are selling OEM clubs and ship directly from Asia hence why they can sell so cheap, although does OEM mean they are fake?

I asked if they hold accounts for the approved purchased of golf clubs from the manufacturers of such brands as Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno and Ping. We already have them. But I would point out the article is more than five years old founterfeit some of the figures go back more than 10 years.


Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs • Golf Club Brokers Blog

It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product. Has anybody purchased golf clubs from igolftimes. They explained that they tayoormade refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf. I am left handed and looking to get a set of irons.

I recently considered ordering a set of Taylormade R11 irons of a website. Do the right thing, go to your local retailer, handle the clubs, hit some balls with them, ask questions, get the right club for taylormqde, not copies of the pretty pictures you see on the internet.