We found the radio’s autoscan function a bit hit-and-miss, though–on successive scans it found 10, 11 then 24 stations, and Radio 4 only turned up in the last attempt. More items related to this product. Luckily, many new micro drive-based players such as the Creative Zen Micro feature a user-replaceable battery. More information about the Gracenote security update is available from http: To install the driver, do the following: It’s worth noting that Creative’s software doesn’t seem to allow you to import playlists to the MuVo–dragging and dropping files in Windows Explorer is the only way to move music across. I need power and lots of it.

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Verdict Creative’s latest player, the V is catalogue filler material for all intents and purposes. Hard drive MP3 creatie such as the Microsoft Zune can hold a luxurious amount of music and video. A dialog box displaying the version number appears.

Additional Product Features Power Source. All Application Firmware Driver.

Creative MP3 Player V User Guide |

They’re smaller and lighter than high-capacity players but still hold more tunes than flash-based models with the same price. To install this software pack Download the file into your local hard disk. Click Help on the menu bar. It doesn’t take long to set up, which is lucky as all that Creative provides to help users is a ‘quick start’ guide. Click the OK button to close the window.


Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more. The downside is that the batteries must be constantly replaced. The V v2200 like a Skoda even the modern variety -It’ll get you from A to B very happily, it just doesn’t have any flair.

Creative MuVo V200 White ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

They also tend to have more features and larger screens and are overall easier to use. So-called “micro drive” players are being largely phased out in favor of high-capacity flash devices, but you can still find compact hard-drive players such as the Creative Zen Micro Photo for sale online.

If you are prompted to reset your player, click OK. Although Creative internationally sells a range of sizes and prices, from MB to 1GB, only the MB model was available in Australia at the time of writing. Double-click the downloaded file. More items related to this product.

Cons Radio autoscan unreliable. Support for such products is limited to online materials, such as Knowledgebase Solutionsdrivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

Would you buy this? This is a basic summary of MP3s, there’s many types all of which have similar features. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Best power banks Track all your stuff!


The player still comes in two pieces, with the battery compartment in one piece and the player in the other. Creative’s latest player, the V is catalogue filler material for all intents and purposes. Lyrics Editor version 1. Creative Mass Storage Driver 1.

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Also, hard drives have moving parts, so these creatve aren’t ideal for strenuous physical activity. Micro hard-drive players such as the TrekStor Vibez are becoming rare, but they still offer an appealing compromise between hard drive and Flash-based MP3 players.

We take a look at the V to see if they can sew up this market as well as the one for hard disk portables.

In addition, the model is available in white with the crreative characteristics: Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Creative Media Explorer version 6. The MuVo V is a small, lightweight MP3 player that offers a much more controllable alternative to the shuffle.