Has signs of use. The Cybiko was conceptualized by an engineer named David Yang. So cybiko is like a PDA. What attracted me to them is that they were the first handheld wireless computers that I could afford, that came with hundreds of free games, e-mail, mp3 player and a free software development kit. Well, I hope this was helpful. When you are getting started it is a little hard to download games but after a day or two it becomes easier.

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You need to know somebody else nearby you to be able to cybuko and to e-mail without hooking up to a computer, you need somebody else cybjko a Cybiko. The Cybiko is a Russian handheld computer introduced in the U. It needs new batteries as the old ones are corroded, but I was able to turn it on using the DC power input and it has a password that I don’t know so I cant get in to fully test it.

The Classic operates at 11 MHz.

After having trouble getting a commitment from any of he big name U. Get to Know Us.


Cybiko representatives argued that all of the devices educational tools, like language converters, dictionaries, organizers and its potential as an educational tool would outweigh any negative effects. You can still find a few at auction on the internet mostly for the price of shipping.


What was once perceived as one of the devices greatest’s strengths undoubtedly had a hand in its downfall.

Yang would be the company’s CEO and he and his team of software engineers would operate out of Moscow. Retrieved February 23, extrfme Cybiko Classic with extended antenna on the main desktop. While brainstorming about ideas for software inventions, he decided he wanted to create something that could reach the untapped 20 something market.

One of the primary complaints about the Cybiko was the fact that to use any of the applications that required access to the internet, like email, you had to plug the Cybiko into the USB port of your computer. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Cybiko Xtreme

Eventhough you can only go up to feet away to chat my nextdoor neighbor has one so we can chat from our houses and some friends of mine have them so we can do a big chat. But with cybiko you have a free celection.

Video game consoles sixth generation. The classic model was encased in semi- transparent plastic and came in many fluorescent colors. It had a meteoric rise and fall characteristic of many electronic devices, games and toys. They looked at foreign models like Bandai and Takara for inspiration.

: Cybiko – Handheld – CyOS monochrome ( x ) – plasma purple: Electronics

Loading recommendations for this item We tried to contact them but they wouldn’t respond. Visually, the only difference was that the original version had a power switch on the side, whilst the updated version used the “escape” edtreme for power management.


My mom ordered 6 for me and my friends. Views Read Edit View history.

We didn’t have anybody in the U. I feel so bad for the people who bought them for full price.

After gathering some initial funding and developing a rough prototype, Yang began to search for a partner. Internally, the differences between the two models were in the internal memory, exteme the location of the firmware. Chess, darts–wireless darts, how cool is that! Overall I think this is a great toy for kids and adults.

Their next model, the Cybiko Xtreme, was a more rugged, sophisticated design that had muted colors and a more substantial build. Home video game console list Handheld game console list Microconsole list Dedicated console list. Just 1 of 5 had dead batteries. The battery doesn’t work, the screen is low-quality, and the entire design is very cybko.

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