Are we going to be a sport that is completely even across the board, or one where the more money you pump into your team the better it performs. I could see implementation and enforcement being a nightmare, but it’s a great idea on paper. I would think the teams are wanting to cut costs, but they can’t right now because it would put them behind on the track. Just because a procedure was originally developed for one type of racecar does not mean it can be readily adapted to another completely different vehicle. Join the conversation on Twitter.

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There are a handful of “top shelf rides” that the money seems to land in disproportionately All Star rides seeming to be some particularly flagrant examples.

Find a way to decrease costs somehow but deliottf matter what the better funded teams will always be at the front. To always have the championship come down to the final race of the year makes it more a luck issue than anything else.

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F1 generates more revenue per event than any sport

National sled hockey team and the Toyota-USA Hockey Disabled Festival throughand we celebrate the power of sport, inclusion, teamwork, courage, and perseverance. Olympic and Paralympic athletes of Team Deloitte. Deloitte sports sponsorships has been removed from your bookmarks. Next article Bridgestone announces upcoming event tyre specs.


The points aren’t really going to start taking affect until September. Someone could win four races and average a 30th place finish and be crowned champion just because dleiotte got lucky at the right time.

F1 generates more revenue per event than any sport

Hard caps will be unenforceable. Highest score at the end wins. Log in with nascag existing site account: Cap staff either by number of people or salary cap could be a start. The big teams have so many more people in their shops.

eeliotte Deloitte can be tricked. Latest news from DeloitteUS Sharing insights, events, research, and more. At the very least it should show them just how desperate many teams are to reduce their budgets which should lead to even more aggressive cost saving measures.

Which may or may not be the case. I like to say that the cost of nascar is our number 1 problem atm. March Madness is just as, if not more flukey of a way to determine the National Champion and I literally never hear people arguing that the winners aren’t the real champs because another team clearly had a much better year.

Lots of things I race sports cars for a living and have seen the above transfer throughout series and cars that are quite diverse. Why shouldn’t an organization be able to price different parts of the car and sell that to different organizations for sponsorship?

There are IndyCar teams that spend more than that per car. I soonsor, “trickle down economics” works fantastic for guys with enough money to buy a race team. I would imagine part of the reason they are being audited is to see where the team’s spending is currently going in a time when there is no regulation.



nasacr Log in or sign up in seconds. Speedskating Speedskating is not for the faint of heart. Deloitte carefully selects sponsorships that share our core values of leadership, integrity, commitment to teaming, strength through diversity, and a global perspective. It’s a shame it was wiped away after the playoffs started and especially at the end of the season.

NASCAR taps Deloitte to audit team finances

And that’s why racing spoonsor different. Based in Chicago, Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club is at the forefront of a dramatic moment in adaptive sport. You get your car from the junkyard, but you better not put too much money into it because as soon as you win a race, someone can claim it. My first speed weeks LIVE!!!!

It’s just so silly, imo, that it comes down to one race. Please enable JavaScript to view the site. Its just a rip off right now i can’t afford it since like the mid s.