I’m a novice here, but on messing with this inf My WA should arrive soon, and I’m definitely interested in seeing if I can get 75hz working properly with my ! And now with the newest drivers Thanks for the link! I tried your driver but my monitor still runs at 60hz in the OSD. Aug 24, 7. I cannot get the 75 trick to work after following nd4spdbh’s instructions.

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Advertised response times should be taken with a whole heaping of salt.

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Intel x FT StockMobo: Updated with the Asus VHH Discussion in ‘ Displays ‘ started by evilsofaApr 25, I 2209waa the ATI driver monitor takes over when i start a game.

I don’t own these monitors myself, but my brother-in-law has two, so I’ll quote what’s been said on this topic so far that I can find: Then proceed with the other settings.


Dec 5, You can subscribe via RSS 2. Ok, I played with my current monitor Lx some and it does have the option to do 75hz, but only at x Reason I ask is that on my Windows 7 Machine I’m only able to get the usual 60hz! Last edited by romanu; at May 18, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This isn’t where i grabbed the driver that works, but i think this one will work too: What’s the reason to bump it up to 75Hz? It’s not a part of the official specs – it’s a hack.

Thank you for the posts. Apr 28, I have not read any reports that this 1hz difference would be a problem.

Rotate image Save Cancel. If anyone needs the driver its here http: That driver is essentially just an EDID override, uses the registry keys found here: I game a lot and I was 75ha to get a new 24″ x new desk with more room. In winxp, I used nvidia’s driver cpl to get 72hz had to mod a timing or 2.


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Do you know of any x monitors that 755hz be pushed above 60hz? Many games have flags that you can send when starting it.

Remember, to be on confirmed, a screen showing a lack of skipped frames is needed. Jan 18, at 5: Your videocard, cable, and monitor must all be dual-link. So to get the most out of it, you’re gonna want to run it at 75hz, especially for anything competitive.

Well, good news then. After applying the driver mod my OSD shows 76hz which seems to work fine.

Of course, there are the 3D Hz monitors, but they are all currently TN models May 17,