Either I’ve just grown to accept the LCDs as good enough or the quality has improved a ton probably the later , but after upgrading every few years, I’m happy enough to not want to devote so much desk space to those heat monsters I think you could roast marshmallows over them , so I’m giving up the dream. I actually get my stuff in Aki, but I believe you can order the same type of stuff from Solaris Japan including the Framemeister. Interface Required Connector Type. Fri Oct 24, 5: And lastly, using RetroArch’s interlacing. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: Mar 20, Posts:

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I actually get my stuff in Aki, but I believe you can order the same type of stuff from Solaris Japan including the Framemeister. And in any case, my monitor’s SuperBright mode does a good job offsetting the loss in brightness without washing things out or messing with colors.

To the OP, you might asking around at some of the sites that cater to older hardware, like vogons.

Diamond Plus 73

Mar 31, Posts: Sun Nov 02, 3: Display Image Aspect Ratio. Newegg’s Cyber Monday deals are available now, including 43 percent off a inch LG gaming monitor. It hasn’t yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to general availability, but Microsoft’s outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes.


You would be surprised how quickly they disappear. Jun 4, Posts: Do they have any value worth trying to sell them?

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro u NF – CRT monitor – 22″ Overview – CNET

So there might be hope yet. No filtering of course.

Interface Required Connector Type. I still have the Viewsonic A75f I bought brand new connected to an old Pentium 3 system. Click [here] to see my collection of retro bliss! Included display timing shot so you can see the scanlines are native and not emulated. Dell UltraSharp 49 is diamondrton big monitor matched by a big price.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u NF – CRT monitor – 22″ Series

Rise of the Triad modding site! Fri Oct 24, 2: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Haven’t been keeping up with this, can you give a little more info on these converter boards? Apr 26, Posts: OLED will probably still have a place in deformable screens diamondtro in smaller versions, but I’m sceptical whether we will ever see 60″, 4K OLED screens, at prices normal people would be able to afford.


Jul 1, Posts: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Seems most of those who were working on it have abandoned it.

Arguably, they also dominate at resolution independence, but with high DPI screens becoming more available, they will also become tolerable in this area. There’s no ghosting or anything else with PC passed through was using x 84hz.

Broken Can remove “l” before “. Mar 20, Posts: In last post, you can see how my friend has monitor connected. That crt was very useful though. I am a total Trinitron nut, so I do not mind them at all especially with some distance.

Looks like the original news I saw about some players namely Samsung, one of the larger ones stopping production wasn’t true after all.