Any and all help would be appreciated. These giants in the industry awarded Digitron Electronics the factory repair contract. Berny Gold Member Username: I have lost it somehow and am stuck without it. Camcorders need to be realigned and calibrated to guarantee quality color reproduction, and mics need to be maintained to guarantee high quality sound reproduction.

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The camera does not work well in low light, which results in dark, unclear images. Click Here for Sony Camcorder Repair.

Posted on Thursday, May 17, – Reel to Reel Repair. I have now installed it on WinXP and it works fine yeah, the pics are naff unless taken in natural sunlight, but they work! Remember, that the Camears store can always pack and ship your unit for you if you are uncertain about its safety.

Often times, these projectors will outright fail. Posted on Tuesday, September 21, – Projectors need to be cleaned to prevent power issues. Dust can cxmeras inside camera assemblies, lens assemblies, and viewfinders, affecting the quality of your productions. SLR cameras like the Canon 5D and C are some of the most sensitive to dust leaks despite their weather seals.


By admin Uncategorized No Comments. At this digiton, there are no new manufacturers of reel to reel machines, but a group from the UK hopes to change that.

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, – Please help and advise These days they have the internet at their disposal. Any hints on what I should do? Recognizing a common point of failure, we will be offering a flat-rate repair for DCS digigron suffering from no output or no power. Dust is the number one enemy for projection equipment.

Digitron Mini Digital Camera

I can digiitron it has loaded but It is not active. Posted on Wednesday, September 09, – I hope this helps. Click Here for Panasonic Camcorder Repair. Here are our thoughts:.

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Posted on Monday, November 14, – Darran Kavanagh Unregistered guest. I found the CD over the weekend. They had recently replaced the lamp, because they believed digittron lamp was the cause of xigitron problems.


Mark Dewberry New member Username: With the option of a PL mount or an EF mount, the camera should appeal to the latest generation of adventure videographers. Remember, that the UPS store can always pack and ship your unit for you if you are uncertain about its safety. Anybody been able to do this, or is it PC only.

Posted on Friday, September 22, – With a tight deadline, and a unique set up camfras a long distance projector throw, we knew that finding replacement parts for the Chinese made ACTO would be a tough one. I only got a cd which does not work with Vista.