ConnectionMetadataService failed to retrieve connection metadata because no adapter name was provided. Details recorded in error log. A list of licenses authors might use can be found here. WmART failed to process a connection’s properties. I figured out a way to install the driver without having to sign it: So i deinstalled everything, reverted back to

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Do you know of any way to solve this issue? To make the specified property writable, implement a “set” method for it.

Integration Server Messages

Make sure that the client is not designed to send new requests to Integration Server when communication with the server is closed.

Hash tree node has wrong type.

A restart is needed. I can confirm the patch works for MX with An error occurred creating the specified listener or initializing its properties.

Hi, sorry for delays but finally found some time and have just updated to latest Adrenaline Jan 18 version. Prpblem configuring a new connection or listener, WmART detected that the type or value of one of the connection’s properties is null.

I can supply files from drivers for you to put it up to your blog and distribute to others if you wish. In fact, searching for any object by Object-GUID might be the most reliable way of finding the object you want to find.


Check to ensure that the listed connection is enabled. This way you have the least things to do.

Integration Server Messages

Thank you diaableable the write up! Permalink Aug 08, Is is possible for this plugin to determine the email addresses of users and use them in email notifications? Child must be of type: Users running Active Directory plugin 1. A value has been entered in a connection or listener property array that cannot be converted to a Java char enumwrator. So i deinstalled everything, reverted back to It would be fantastic if you would keep doing this whenever new driver comes though it takes time, I know: This service introspects the parameters of connection only.

A value has been entered in a connection or listener property array that cannot be converted to a Java long fnumerator type. Can you add an example of a correct configuration? Thanks for the response.

Hi, thank you very much for your great support, first of all! Additional details are provided in adjacent log provlem. I was not expecting that.


So all you need to do is to unzip my archive and do steps 4 and 5 — enumeraor cat and digitally sign it. Note that this error is similar to ART. Security Monitoring Recommendations For S: The connection is already being used by an adapter service or polling notification.

Active Directory plugin – Jenkins – Jenkins Wiki

The specified method failed because no resource domain was provided in the request. Ensure that the input contains an entry for the parameter and resubmit. This has been a gigantic help to me and have successfully changed the drivers to get my mid retina imac up to I was trying to enumerate the installed devices using this example and realized it won’t compile without DDK.