Replacing The Staple Cartridge for Finisher-a1 When this message appears, load a new staple case into the staple cartridge. To save in the bbb directory under the aaa directory in the root directory. Adapted When auto-scaling is in use, this sets the method for obtaining the active coordinate area. Optional Components 15 Appendix Optional Components The following are the principal options available. This option requires no OS understanding. View Accounts Accounting The following limits can be placed on the Print service for each user:

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All print data spooled in the machine receiving buffer, including the data which is being printed is erased. We recommend laying paper on the floor beforehand. Index toner cartridge 25K Page 12 Encryption and Digital Signature Settings Supported e-mail applications E-mail applications that can send and receive e-mail to and from the machine are as follows: Configuration of Scan to PC Create a folder for transmission destination to the server which logs in.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

To place a call, there are the following two methods. The total capacity of memory for storing user-defined characters and other user- defined data can be set on the control panel.

In the event of using substitute tray, set the size. The document glass or the Clean the document glass or the document document cover is dirty. This option requires no OS understanding. Page Setup Delete Recipient Deletes all information for the selected address. Network Accounting Services Controlled by Authentication When the authentication type is [Login to Local Accounts] and the accounting type is [Network Accounting] The following services are controlled. Glossary Glossary Glossary Term Description Border Limit One more sheet is used when the length of the transmitted Page split threshold value document exceeds the length of paper installed on the receiving terminal.


The deployment works fine but the printer is not showing all the Printer Trays.

If it comes into contact with your skin, wash immediately. Enter [New Value] using the numeric keypad.

If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically. Page paper type To print the manual completely, please, download it. Other Errors Error Code Other Errors Remedies are described for situations in which the following messages are displayed.


This dlcucentre-3 is provided for reference purposes and is no dpcucentre-3 being updated. The text part is printed with the pattern specified in [Background Pattern]. Automatically scans multiple-sheet documents. Times New Bold Italic [2]: Stamp Kit Allows you to stamp each sheet of a document to mark successfully scanned sheets.

Select [Device Access] and then select [Locked] to disable button operations on the control panel. The stored documents will be deleted at the time specified in [Documents deleted at].


To save in the bbb directory under the aaa directory in a specified volume.

Audit Log Allows you to enable the Audit Log feature. Allow to edit From if Search failed Set whether to protect e-mail addresses from being changed under [From] on the [E-mail] tab when an authenticated user fails to retrieve an e-mail address from the LDAP server.

Scan Service Settings Run Job The docucsntre-3 data is treated as valid, and the part of the original read in is treated as a complete stored file. Refer to “4 Fax” Panel Selects whether to use a pen specified by command or set on the panel. Page HP-GL2 Emulation Paper Margins Cannot plot as hard clip is exceeded Area obtained by area determination mode Area left when paper margin subtracted from area obtained by area determination mode Scaling Mode Select the mode for determining the document size from the obtained ACA.

Switch the power on. The items displayed include the date and time, error code, and error category. When you changed the paper type, set the new paper type for the tray.