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You only have to deal with high side voltages, and no negative swings. Stepper leads ACBand D should be connected to the stepper motor driver as normal for a bipolar stepper motor see the bipolar stepper connections above. More current, more torque.

However, since drlving A actively limits the output current per phase, you will only stelper half the phase current flowing through each of the two parallel coils. By using a higher voltage along with active current limiting, the current is able to ramp up faster, which lets you achieve higher step rates than you could using the rated voltage. Two-phase bipolar stepper motor with four leads.

The half truths mixed in with the myth and legend that is passed off as facts on here is astonishing. When operating this as a bipolar stepper, you have the option of steper the two coils for each phase in parallel or in series.


At last somebody said it! You could also increase the numbers by travelling to the moon! Running the full coil current is reduced, resistance, and inductance is increased, which lowers the speed of the motor. Bipolar stepper motors typically have four leads, two for each coil.

Notify me of new comments via email. I have a 4 wire Bipolar stepper motor.

Why would drivung both to use half the coil? The basic topology aside, the complications and the actual drive method have more to do with how the bridge is sequenced and how the load responds. What about a stepper with a gear head attached?

For bigger systems where this needs some pretty big preloads I doubt it is good for the lifetime of yours gears though. Drivung how your comment data is processed. Is position info is vital you use feedback. Unless your like your stepper drives smoking. To each their own I suppose. Steppers can, and often do lose steps.

Unipolar Stepper run with Bipolar Driver

This mod is easy and useful but one must take in account that the maximum speed attainable drops dramatically since this is a bipolar SERIES configuration. In some cases you can add a preload with a spring to keep it from chattering around as much, this does mean your spring will eat up a part of your torque and you limit your travel. H bridges need time delay, and lock out control circuitry to keep disallowed states from occurring.


The extra wires in a unipolar motor are taps for each of the coils. The conversion being discussed here if from unipolar to what is shown in the linked diagrams as series bipolar. Is motor heating something I should worry about?

Changing Unipolar Steppers To Bipolar

Because depending on which wires you connect together you can make it parallel bipolar, series bipolar, or unipolar. You cannot make a unipolar motor a bipolar parallel motor. Some of you people have way too much free time, way too little knowledge and far too strongly held opinions.

These motors come in a variety of flavors, from the four-wire deals you find in 3D printer builds, to motors with five or six wires. Doesn’t this means the heat to be dissipated is doubled? Doing so increases the inductance and therefore the time it stelper for the stepper to respond to the pulse, increasing the chance of a missed step and reducing the top end speed of the motor.

A bit pointless with a gear head motor.