The presentation of vocals here rival Piano Forte II, which is my gold-standard for vocal presentation. What to look in when purchasing a midrange In-Ear Monitor https: This is pretty cool and can save a pocket when you are out and about. Starting with the bass, F9Pro is tuned to be much more linear in the bass, more neutral. My measurements are not accurate past 10KHz so they do not fairly represent treble extension and upper-treble tuning.

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Combined with the light weight and the secure fit thanks to e4000 great Final E tips that are included I was able to use the E for everything without a worry. Most Popular Tags akg-kstudio-headphones audio-technica-ath-ad audio-technica-ath-mstudio-monitor-headphones audio-technica-ath-m50s beyerdynamic-dtproclosed-studio-headphones beyerdynamic-dtstereo-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpremium-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpro-headphones e0400 fiio-e11 fiio-e17 fiio-e7-usb-dac-and-portable-headphone-amplifier headphones hifiman-he in-ear over-ear sennheiser sennheiser-hdii-professional-headphone sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hdheadphones shure-srh ultrasone-hfi Conclusions The E are outstanding value IEMs that offer a versatile and engaging sound in a very small and comfortable form factor.

The sound is quite different between the two, the largest difference being that IT01 has more mid-bass emphasis, especially around Hz, along with more treble sparkle and bite, being more focused on acoustic, metal, rock and electronic music, while E is more versatile in the long run.

Instrument separation is better in E as a result. This review will be as objective as it is humanly d4000, and it reflects my personal experience with Final Audio E R2A can be called the brother that strayed from the E series family and went rogue.


S4000 should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with Final Audio, I am not receiving any e000 for this review or to sweeten things out. The brand began with turntable cartridges and steadily expanded to pre-amps, power amps and speakers. The E and are especially made for s4000 listen in the sweet spot. The treble textures are mostly smooth, there is very little grain, which makes E enjoyable with almost any kind of music.

While E is more expensive, it has detachable cables, and Final Audio promises a much better sound, so we’re going to put that to test today. The bass is better and digs deeper in the as well. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Bundle and Comfort Inside the box Nothing fancy inside the box, you have: You can find the E review here. Most recently though a lot of those positive comments have been about another Final series, the E series of small form factor, single dynamic driver IEMs.

They have nailed it. The CKR is also a lush earphone that has forward mids and good presence in the highs as well. Better than good, and crucial to the fun and exciting sound, s4000 the impact of the bass within the signature as a whole.

It is forbidden to use the images to introduce products on internet auction sites or on shopping sites such as e-bay.

Final Audio E4000 Impressions

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Feed them Walk the Moon’s ‘Headphones’ and suddenly the E come alive and it all starts to make a lot more sense.


Smooth tuning with pleasant highs. There is no driver flex, and Final Audio made sure that those are great for travels. Starting with the package, Final Audio made sure they included everything you could require in that little package, from a large number of excellent proprietary tips, all the way to an ingenious carrying solution, a rubber carrying case.

If you want the best of definition and the deepest sub bass impact, then E will not dissapoint. Switching from toI find everything sounds better and more refined. You can read more about the E here.

This site uses cookies to ee4000 personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The sub-bass lies slightly behind the mid-bass in impact.

final E | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Please refer to the earpiece swing fit mechanism while fitting the product; align the product at an angle where it fits smoothly into the ear. Once you find this sweet spot, run a few songs and let your brain accustom to the signature.

Learn how your comment data is processed. As a result, switching from E to E, the mids appear forwarded.