And then there is big change that Ubuntu will automatically load the correct drivers for your sb card ct Do not try this with an later Ubuntu than Lucid I have a sound problem as well. But since your MB has inboard audio as well linux loads that and wil not load he old ones. Hi Kixtosh, Thanks for the advice, I have started that bugreport so im hoping to get some good help there especially if other people have the same problem. Another possibility is to look into your syslog for alsa entries, maybe there is something like an error message to work from.

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The driver I’m after is called emu10k1 for the Creative Audigy 2 value. My 32886 skips all the time when listening to mp3s in any player on Maverick. It fails with message cannot set up sound card.

Emachines E642 Free Driver Download

Finally my PC got up to speed! Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: This also worked for me. Thanks in advance for any help! I started this thread http: I still have no sound.

  ATI RAGE 128 PRO 6.13 3279 DRIVER

in trunk/source – a2

I’m using ubuntu The video works fine, but no sound. I want to learn how to use it but a laptop with no sound is no fun at all. Any help would be appreciated. Any suggestions, or should I just find a better linux compatible sound card?

I have posted the sound configuration link below. Eghernet same problem here. Only the “Analog Surround 5. I was wondering if I should go through this- http: I’ve read and read until my eyes are crossed.

eMachines N-12 XP Drivers Complete

Rebooting and trying again. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information I’ve got this sneaking suspicion I’ve just been trolled, but just in case you or anyone else out there really doesn’t realize, the last letter in “aplay -l” stands for “L ist all the sound cards”.

I tried to follow the step to get drivers installed and got an error message. I think there was a Maxtor tib file back-up of my old Ubuntu 9. In step one I get homestar homestar: You could try a Ubuntu Booted up late afternoon, sound yea! I know this is a very “Windows” approach, but you have tried hard to fix it and there comes a time when you have to move on.



After I reboot though, everysound goes away. Your aplay -l works perfectly, so no need to add anything to the kernel. This is the error.

And then there is big change that Ubuntu will automatically load the correct drivers for your sb card ct I’ve been messing about with alsamixer and it seems that if I mute the Front then the internal speak shuts off. Maybe in your case where the original installation did work, I would suggest un-install Alsa and re-install it over the package manager and then look for the problem if it still persists. I have a sound problem as well.

From there click on your HDMI column. Any suggestion as to what may be wrong, what else could I try will be extremely welcome.