I hate to be a killjoy, but unless youre talking about a different terminator game, it used analog joysticks to calculate where the gun was aiming, not an actual IR beam like time crisis http: The IR Sensors are very cheap plastic, but come with some very nice mounting putty. I hooked up the laser to confirm, and it only tends to deviate a little bit at the lower right corner for me. I mean, plenty of peeps do all of their killing, and dating, exclusively in the virtual world. If the Ultimarc ones work better and are better quality I may go for them but the lack or wireless, lack of kickback and fewer buttons kinda put me off a little Crisis Zone is based upon machine guns in full auto, while the TopGun naturally shoots single shots.

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Even though the on-screen cursor lags, when you pull the trigger it ends up delivering the bullet in basically the right place. I’ve had the same set of cheap alkalines in my guns for over a week now, with quite frequent use everyday, and they still show no signs of dying out.

Play Asia and the stick logo are trademarks of Play-Asia. To me, that was lame, and also completely un-fixable. But the cons are very real, and afaik there’s no way around them I’m trying to write an autohotkey script atm that will maybe make the D-Pads useful, but I’m not having much luck so far.

A tactical looking laser pointer is mounted in front of the trigger guard, and is used for a variety of things, but we’ll go into detail later. Self promotion of any kind is prohibited.


EMS LCD TOPGUN III FPS Gun Controller for Xbox Ps2 Ps3 PC | eBay

Coolness doesn’t end with the looks either. Service has been great. To fix this, a cloth could be placed on those smooth surfaces to prevent reflection.

The wired “alternative option” will probably cause less headaches in the long-run though. Maybe I can figure hopgun how to mod it to be wireless, but I’m uncertain I can make the solenoid power source small enough for me to be happy. Decent system, bonus that it’s wireless, but I play it with the recoil off and the laser on, and emz sites off. It’s not that hard a kick less than a.

And it’s not just that you have to put your PC into test mode, they’re just crappy barebones drivers. I play mainly by myself but will probably end up ordering a second one in a few weeks.

I bought both, so here are some thoughts. I contacted the seller and the Manufacturer has taken responsibility for the defect and supposedly are shipping me 2 new guns with the defect permanently fixed Let us know what you guys end up buying. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

LCD TopGun Review – IGN

In our primary application, I used black electrical tape comes off cleaner than normal scotch-tape to affix the bars on either side of a 34″ Sony HD-CRT.

There’s nothing wrong with turning to videogames to do something you can’t do in real life. To note, if you tilt the gun, it fails. Every 3rd or 4th trigger pull will cause the semi-pulled-back-slide to recoil once, and then again.


There were times, however, when the laser reflected off of the CRT screen and directly into the player’s eyes, which didn’t feel good and likely isn’t healthy. So why is the aimtrack the best one, i need to buy 2 guns in the future iiu the EMS wireless option was my first pick especially with the feedback played alot of Point Blank.


So in all I give it 3 stars because it can be abit difficult to get it setup and it has to be configured everytime you want to use it. It comes with clay for this. The pointer will keep flashing to indicate that. Pulling the slide back manually made it work perfectly once again.

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I opened up the gun to see what was going on and found that the piece of the trigger that presses the button inside the gun had broken and was no longer able to push the button that actuates the trigger press in MAME. I bought 2 of them for what it’s worth as well. I’d rather trust otpgun manufacturer. Posted November 9, I was planning to get a pair of those, not going to happen iiii time soon anyway, but those were the only lightguns for PC I could find in my country