Your printout is faint or has gaps. Choose a setting from the Print Quality menu: Make sure your printer software is not set to use black ink only. Printable Area Minimize Margins feature, however print quality may decline in the expanded area. Selecting the Correct Paper Type Your printer automatically adjusts itself for the type of paper you select in your print settings.

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Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Then make sure that the ink cartridge clamps are completely closed.

From the File menu, select Select Automatic mode 7. Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern The Page Setup pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen becomes active. Then click Options screen. After you create your document in a software program, follow these steps to print.

Shylus ink gets in your eyes, flush them thoroughly with water. Lights Explanation Green power The printer is receiving a print job, replacing an ink cartridge, light flashes charging ink, or cleaning the print head.


If multiple print jobs are listed, click a print job, then click the to reorder the jobs not available with Plys OS X Click the printer name again.

If you see any white lines or gaps as shownclean the print head again; see Running the Head Cleaning Utility for instructions. You can reinstall your printer software over your currently installed printer software.


Turn the printer on. Problems and Solutions Then turn the printer on again.

Page of 59 Go. Reinstalling Printer Software You can reinstall your printer software over your currently installed printer software. If you see the Options Menu, go to step 3. The ink cartridges may be old or low on ink.

Epson Stylus C44 User Manual

Running the Head Cleaning Utility You see the Printer List again with the Minimize Margins feature available. Then go to step 2. Avoid extremes in temperature or humidity when printing. To avoid damaging the printer, never move the print head ink epsob holders by hand.


Ink Cartridge Precautions If ink gets on your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. Printing from a Software Program Open an application and create your print job. Make sure the printer is turned on, but not printing, and letter-size plain paper is loaded.

Cleaning the Printer Aligning the Print Head If your f44 contain misaligned vertical lines, you may need to align the print head. Set the slider to printing, or an in-between setting if available. Loading Paper Load the printable side face up. The Stylus C44 includes Exif Exchangeable Image File Print format support, which lets your printer use information stored in your digital camera to print more accurate reproductions of digital camera images.

From the File menu, click different: