Change DelayedAck to false. This matches what is seen in the vSphere client for this device: Fixed-The path used by a LUN is always the one marked as preferred, unless that path is unavailable. For detailed explanation of the various reported states, please refer to the FlashArray User Guide which can be found directly in your GUI:. For information on multipathing and path selection options, see Multipathing policies in ESXi 5. Whereas the legacy method involves plain SCSI reads and writes with the VMware ESXi kernel handling validation, the new method offloads the validation step to the storage system.

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A lower value is also acceptable. Any number other than zero could indicate a problem with the device, or connectivity to it. L0 Changing a Multipath policy Multipath settings apply on a per-device basis. You can adjust this with the following command: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

I have written about this in detail here. Esz Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! This report should be listed as redundant for every hosts, meaning that it is connected to each controller.



Configuring Multipathing Policies on ESXi 5

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If they are logged into more than one FlashArray port, it will be reported more than once. Click the name of the VMkernel network adapter.

This article did not resolve my issue. Rather than using ESX 3.

This article helped but multiparh information was required to resolve my issue. Click the Configuration tab. Pure Storage recommends keeping this value on whenever possible.

Understanding Multipathing and Failover

Follow buildvirtual Be Sociable, Share! Click the VMFS-3 datastore you are interested in.

This recommendation is made for a few reasons: You might just need to refresh it. Because of this, we want to ensure that all hosts are actively using both controllers prior to upgrade.

ESXi Host Configuration

Since DelayedAck can contribute to this it is recommended to disable it in order to greatly reduce the effect of congested networks and packet retransmission. The Round Robin PSP rotates between all discovered paths for a given volume which allows ESXi and therefore the virtual machines running on the volume to maximize the possible performance by using all available resources HBAs, target ports, etc.


Pure Storage is NOT susceptible to this issue, but in the case of the presence of an affected array from another vendor, it might be necessary to turn this off. Request a Product Feature. There are a few things to note: The three default path selection policies PSPs are: When Purity is upgraded on a FlashArray, the mulhipath process is observed at a high level: Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Using ESXCLI to Troubleshoot Multipathing and PSA-related Issues

Skin by Thesis Skins. This can lead to continually mulitpath performance until congestion clears. On active preferred- The Path status contains the status of the path. The default multipathing policy in ESX 4. Navigate to the Manage tab. Please refer to the following post for a detailed walkthrough: This article resolved my issue. For detailed explanation of the various reported states, please refer to the FlashArray User Guide which can be found directly in your GUI: