It’s using a blindfold, to cover our eyes It’s gaining a foothold, by using its allies. Where has justice gone, or is it just another lie? Don’t care too much for Tories, Labour wants to flood this land Don’t care too much for Liberals, with their wishy-washy plans I just care for my country, and the people who belong And ’cause I’m proud to say it, they’ll probably ban this song, when I say Once upon a time, long ago, or maybe not so, in a land that progress had attempted to destroy. Like learning foreign languages, multiculturalism is best introduced into the young. The pride in our community, the media’d love to kill They hate to see our unity, intact against their will Tried to take our livelihood, tried to take our guns If we left ’em take our pride, then surely they have won.

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And one day as the nation cries in agony – Excalibur! Being patriotic’s not the fashion so they said To fly your country’s lydics a crime Society tried its best to kill you For far too long, we’ve let our enemies knock us to the floor No one cares to lift a hand, until the knock is on their door.

You never thought you’d hear the reaper’s call Shot to bits against a bloodstained wall. Yeah six young men sirewdriver rotting, in a dungeon that’s still Red One day the truth will break on through, and the chains will all be shed. As their view of contemporary Britain was one of disharmony, decline and regret, Skrewdriver imagined reconstructing society after a cataclysm, such as an style nationalist revolution which succeeds.

The Red gets his support from these invaders Hopes that their sheer numbers will evade us. We can only guess I said free Rudolf Hess How long can they keep him there? Although subject to a large variety of conspiracy theories, most fans have agreed that the death was a surprising, sudden accident.

They come here to this country from the jungles and from trees Traitors in the parliament give them a better deal Spend the nation’s money, to cater to their excaliibur They all accept the charity, then bite the hand that feeds! Like learning foreign languages, multiculturalism is best introduced into the young.


Can’t you hear the sound of our Mother Europe’s sons?

The migrations of the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples have been, over the past few thousands years, instrumental in defining the character of our family of nations. It’s time to get off work now Kick the boss right in the head All the people givin’ me orders Tryin’ to make me see red I’m prayin’ to break out free now Playin’ in a rock’n’roll band Playin’ that rock’n’roll music Probably gonna get us banned.

As Uther died with Arthur’s reign beginning The nation’s dreams became reality The hopes the people had in the Round Table, at Camelot The power of the sword slayed enemies. Here the idea seems to be merging dislike of aliens with embarrassment over the imperial withdrawal- and considering that contemporary British youth born after the withdrawalmay remain unaware of it, perhaps it is included to encourage the recalling of past glories and become angry at what the society has become.

Think of all the things that you have missed Don’t you want much more from life than this? There’s certain people around, who heed the eastern call, Who’d like to see our slaughter, like to see us fall We’ll here’s a message for you, coming straight from the heart It won’t be us who’s running, when the battle starts!

It’s a time when our old people cannot walk the streets alone Fought for this nation is this all they get back? And like the others doing not a thing.

Skrewdriver – Excalibur Lyrics

Boots and braces, shaven-headed hoards Boots and braces, fighting ‘cos you’re bored Boots and braces, you’ll always get the blame Boots and braces, we’ll come in just the same.

Give money and property to people who shouldn’t get it, while you go hungry and homeless. You can’t go home ’cause they’ll see that you have failed Can’t afford much food and you’re looking pale. As we see, this is the essential core of the most virile opposition facing the multicultural education establishment.

We hold a pride in our history A memory of it used to be Before the traitors took the reins Condemned our people to misery and pain. It’s Saturday evening, out to skreewdriver bar I’m crowded in with all my friends Gonna sink a jar or two. After victory, our great reign, will last a thousand years Honour and respect, for one and all No one’s gonna beat skreadriver once again with their deceit The only chant will be our nation’s call.


Think back to your forefathers, think back upon great times European courage, victory,?????

Skrewdriver:Excalibur Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Oh take your time now, don’t live too fast Troubles will come, and troubles will pass Go find a woman, and you’ll find love And don’t forget son, there’s someone up above. Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red. Watch artist interviews here. Support for his plans, comes from alien lands People who don’t belong here They come to these shores, they always want more With their lies and their crocodile tears.

These rock groups, collectively called ‘hatecore’ as a genre, are gaining in popularity among certain cohorts of indigenous peoples of Europe and their colonial diaspora, and have an international following. Not if I have my way You can shove their stinkin’ two-faced lies If they get their say, there’ll only be bad days Stand and excalinur as freedom dies Don’t give up the fight for what is good and right We’ve got to keep the vultures at bay I’m living for the times that they pay for their crimes When lyics sweeping all the rubbish away.

Excalibur Lyrics

They’ve done it all behind our backs Took advantage of the feelings we lacked And now it’s coming up to midnight We’re gonna have to stand up and fight. Did they play the fife loudly? The leaders that do not care, how you or your family fare Wealth’s the only thing that they all look to Your heritage will be sold, for favours and alien gold If you knew the things that they are up to, and they’re up to.