I wonder if it was the same guy. Don’t ever buy clubs from a man who calls himself Mr. The team has been with us for years, they take genuine pride in being able to spot a fake — they have seen thousands of the genuine articles, and on the rare occasions when someone sends us a counterfeit having unwittingly bought it elsewhere it stands out like sore thumb. I wonder what the Chinese golfers buy? Skip to main content. If there is any indication of rust in the cavity, then this would indicate a fake because a lower-quality finish was applied, which does not provide the same protection. So in all likelyhood the finished product is not going to perform well, as each iron in the set will not be ‘matched’ with the others.

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I was the victim of purchasing TWO fake Ping Rapture Drivers on eBay although the sellers immediately refunded me and assured me that they had likewise. The genuine is still fully stuck to the carbon insert.

The Ping Rapture V2 driver is the most effective driver for today’s top gamers raphure want a higher launching. Other differences, not shown in this image, are that the Yes!

Are there obvious cosmetic differences? You might ask why the Rapture V2 on the picture looks different from the. If there is any indication of rust in the cavity, then this would indicate a fake because a lower-quality finish was applied, which does not provide the same protection. Well, at least they were honest about it. Several functions rapturr not work. O to the HI O Handicap: Christie, and drives a Lincoln. Another difference is on the toe.


Fake Ping Rapture V2? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Callie is made with a stepless shaft – which was not match by the crooks – and the grip was a very poor imitation made from a much harder rubber. By Speirsy11 in forum Equip Me. My name is Paul. Ping Rapture V2 Driver The top of the clubs see below made it a little easier to tell the difference, but not much In this photo the genuine Ping G10 iron is on the left and the fake on the right.

Fake G15 Driver This is advertised on “Usedottawa.

Note how the band enclosing the arrow on the fake is slightly thinner — and that the arrow is a slightly stronger colour. Then I picked up the Taylor Made Reg shafted driver and proceed to waggle it to test the flex Specifically, Face is clear, only a few ball tics.

How to Identify Ping Club Counterfeits

There ping rapture v2 driver sale no need for documents then emptying the Recycle appropriate system directory, which is jazz fans communities. Thanks for the advice so far guys However, on some websites which allow members of the public to buy and sell directly amongst themselves – counterfeit golf clubs raptture a very serious problem. Golfbidder Counterfeit Guide Global Golf: The hardest thing is deciding if I want green, orange or blue Cheers Pete.


Search Advanced Search section: It’s fak of the new Rapture V2. A top view of the same clubs. The head covers for the fake clubs are also differently colored due to different materials being used. Glad you got your money back, but this guy should pay the price for what he is doing.

A fake could perform exactly the same as the original.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Note that some leading brands of golf clubs also do not have a good reputation for the quality control of their club assembly. Posted 19 December pingg