I won’t post the link because it’ll probably get me in trouble some way, but post your email here and I can email you the link. Mark Sep 14, Night Fisher’s System Specs. Jun 15, , No, create an account now. F2A drivers all worked in XP to my knowledge, as all those devices were released long after 98 was obsolete.

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F2A USB Flash2Advance is one of the older carts, so in consequence, the hardware is inferior to many of the newer carts and lacks many of the advanced featured. It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs.

December Game of the Month: Jun 30, There is a preliminary port for MacOSX too. GB Bridge is also an added bonus.

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So they most likely won’t work for F2A, too. The driver I have was designed for Windows 98, and it didn’t work in XP. The time now is Jun 16, Awesome I never even thought of that! Separate names with a comma. Even more luck getting it to operate on anything newer than windows Not knowing anything about that particular flash cart, I’d guess that if there is no sd card and no usb port that it came with a cable that would plug it into your pc.


Without Pogoshell, this cart’s official software really falls apart. Easy to use software. GB-Bridgean add-on which only works with old Visoly carts, works perfectly with the Flash2Advance.

However, the best part of Pogoshell is the ingenious save compression method, which lets you keep an incredible amount of gba rom game saves on your cart by compresing them. Thx for any replys.

if2a, the Intelligent Flash2Advance software

This bugfix release 0. Apr 15, With the software’s flashing speed and Pogoshell’s features, it’s no question why so many peoples use the Flash2Advance.

This features is still experimental that’s why it’s not in official releases but shows a lot of potential. Also, the win32 version no more relies on the official drivers from Flash2Advance for firmware uploading.

I won’t post the link because it’ll probably get me in trouble some way, but post your email here and I can email you the link.


Multicarts with roms in 1. Move games from PC to cart. Submit a new link. There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of the flash linker sets.


F2A Ultra Flash2Advance ULTRA

Project status and update May, 9th I assumed I needed some fancy mechanism to insert the cartridge itself to USB. JakobAir Apr 3, Thales Dec 22, I don’t think it worked in a virtual machine either, the driver had to at least be able to install as the host disabled the device if it couldn’t find drivers.

Backing up 17 games Kinda pricey, but well worth it.