If this key is displayed in lowercase characters in the taskbar, you ll know that the orange key is not locked. Make sure the cord is positioned so that it is not stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise subjected to damage or stress. To access a macro key: This is useful if a case fails, and you are trying to determine why a rule is failing Ports Tab While you cannot configure the scanner, you can configure communications with a serial decoded scanner using the options in this tab. All user-defined Unicode mappings are listed in the Unicode Mapping tab in order of virtual key value, and then by order of the shift state. It will become inactive following a key press.

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When Function is selected, a list of valid functions appears in the dialog box. The encryption options for these authentication types include: After entering the device PIN, the Services dialog appears with a list of services available for that device.

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wa4002 If the scancode is remapped to a function or a macro, the first and second columns remain blank while the third column contains the function name or macro key number for example, Macro 2.

The following are representative examples only and do not comprise a comprehensive list of unacceptable uses: Fasten the belt comfortably around your waist. In addition, changes are periodically added to the information wwi-fi these changes will be incorporated into new editions of the publication.

It is very portable thanks to its mini size no matter where you go. App Launch Keys By mapping keys to applications using this program, you can then launch those applications from a single key-press.


This is useful if a case fails, and you are trying to determine why a rule is failing Ports Tab While you cannot configure the scanner, you can configure communications with a serial decoded scanner using the options in this tab. Determine how internet pages behave on your unit display images, play sounds, enable scripting and script error notification.

Reinstall gwneric battery, and check that it is fully seated in the charger well. Tap the New button next to the Partitions list box. Refer to Servers Tab on page for more details. Remove the battery pack. Press and hold down the Power button until the Shutdown screen is displayed.

Match wa40020 index matches the match string at a specified index. Lower sample rates and bits per sample or both the file result in a smaller file but the quality suffers. The system offers seamless handoffso the user can move from cell to WiFi and back again with the same invisibility that the cell network offers when moving from tower to tower.

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The super compact design of this micro Bluetooth dongle makes it truly portable. Any active sessions may be lost Battery Swap Time Assuming the default power saving parameters and battery reserve level gensric not been altered, battery swap time is approximately 5 minutes you will not lose data if the battery is replaced within this time frame.

In Standby mode, the display is turned off, the keyboard is locked and the touchscreen is locked. You can determine items such as the default and search page that the browser applies when connecting to the Internet, the cache size, wo-fi Internet connection options, and the security level that is applied when browsing.


Plug the pronged end of the power cable into an AC outlet. ActiveSync This option allows you to connect to another device using ActiveSync.

Tapping on the Power icon in the Control Panel displays a dialog box that provides detailed information about the battery status of the main and backup batteries installed in your unit. The Save button is highlighted. If No Force is selected, the shift state is dependent on whether the shift state is on or off at the time the virtual key is sent.

WORKABOUT PRO 3 Hand-Held Computer with Windows CE 5.0

The tether can be adjusted to the operator s height. No cleanup reason has been specified. Choose a command from the drop-down menu, and tap on Execute to carry out the command on the highlighted phone number. Work on the go with Wifi USB 2. See Psion Teklogix terms and conditions of sale for full details. Tapping on OK activates your selections Wakeup This option allows you to define which key s can be pressed to wake the hand-held from a suspend state.

Insert the flex cable from the end-cap into J2 on the interface board. When a pop-up message indicates that your configuration will be saved, tap on OK.

A new screen called Verify Macro displays the macro sequence you created.