I will accept your answer, since it helped to realize that solution must be driver specific, even though it didn’t solve the problem and area is still incorrectly masked out. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Hey, would you try with firefox? Sorry, yes I contradicted myself in my answer as well StackOverflow trying a new look to its UI. Sign up using Facebook.

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How To Find Web Elements X Y Coordinates Using Selenium WebDriver

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Also I believe the value getpocation scaled – at least in Chrome’s case, because it can contain float values, e. How to logout from an account on gcloud SDK. It can’t be the desktop position, because it can return values larger than the desktop resolution.

How to uninstall nginx from Ubuntu. Post as a guest Name.

In case of the defect in geko-driver as per the update of your question I would recommend the following workaround: EDIT Based on my answer to this question, I can guess getLocation returns point with respective desktop’s screen resolution or entire browser’s including toolbar, searchbar etc.


Based on my answer to this question, I can guess getLocation returns point with respective desktop’s screen resolution or entire browser’s including toolbar, searchbar etc.

In my case when I took the screen-shot it contained the entire page despite I switched to iFrame before. Is the point x, y with respective to Desktop’s browser’s when it’s in full screen mode screen resolution or viewport’s The viewport, the visible area of the webpage within the browser window resolution? The Coordinates gives the specific location in various ways and includes the LocationInViewport property which would provide what you are looking for I believe.

If you see, the mouse pointer isn’t moved to the element’s point rather it’s moved little above of the element. Is there any Selenium WebDriver method, which will return me point of element with respective to viewport? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Location wdbdriver python refers to the location of the top left corner of an element area in the current renderable canvas. It gets the tag name of the current element. Sign up using Facebook. How to get coordinates of element inside iframe?


How to get X Y coordinates of element in Selenium WebDriver – Maisa Solutions Blog

Now we have the picture of the iFrame content and we can calculate the position of the element inside the iFrame using the following formula: It Returns width and height of the element. In Selenium WebDriver APIs, there is a method getLocation which returns point, containing location of top left hand corner of the element. You can calculate [position of the element] -[position of the frame] so that you have position of the element on the screenshot where the only frame content is taken.

Post as a guest Name. How to create a website with Spring Boot and serve static content. Please correct if I’m wrong. Here is the proof-of-concept: The LocationOnScreenOnceScrolledIntoView one includes scrolling to the element and then would return seleniuum location based on the top left corner of the screen. Unable to run Spring Boot on 80 port.

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