All clubs custom and standard are eligible for the GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee regardless of shaft, grip or lie adjustments. As a past GG customer, I was looking forward to my next set of irons. Gigagolf will then build the clubs to your specifications and ship them to you within a day or two of ordering. They come out with new products each year and offer great deals on custom fitted clubs. Widen the stance; weight on the forward right leg and aim inches behind the ball. The P2 irons are engineered with extra weight on the toe which helps to square the club at impact.

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I tried to read about the C9 irons but the “Explore features” part is about the driver. If you like one of them, order the rest of the set and send the others back. I’m sensing a disconnect here.

GigaGolf P2 Fairway Woods

They turned my hook into a gentle draw and were dead straight on shorter irons. Oh well, we’ll try again today and tomorrow.

I am toying w the idea of ordering the rest of the set. Honestly, I get more distance and a straighter, higher ball flight out of these clubs. Every time I play, people ask me about my clubs and I proudly tell them about GigaGolf.

And With the 30 day guarantee I thought I would end up returning them. I was planning to buy Callaway or Ping irons but one day at GolfAbout. Thanks for making playing golf more enjoyable.


Gigagolf also has a 30 day playability guarantee, so within 30 days you can return the club for a refund or get a new shaft or length or lie.

P2 Deep Cavity Irons Review | Ping G10 Iron Clones | Gigagolf P2 custom golf irons

A 20 gram tungsten insert was added to the toe to balance the l2 head and lower the center of gravity. We find that players that change from steel to graphite often do not make the transition well. If you gigaglf a golf junky like I am, that’s really good news. I can’t say enough about these clubs. You might be thinking that you’d never buy clubs online because you’d want to hit them first.

They were fine but I couldn’t seem to get any better. Therefore, lie checks and adjustments are done on GigaGolf irons and wedges free of charge. The performance was as hoped for with a game improvement clubs. Maybe blades later, but for now, these gigagklf definitely getting the job done!

Hi, Had a few doubts to begin with but with every game I seem to be getting more confidence. I bought a full set of Cloud 9s 3-LW about two years ago Jan and by modifying the clubs via the eFit system half inch shorter, gigaggolf degrees less liethey were a much better fit than the off-the-shelf clubs I was using.

Adding or subtracting length cause the largest change. It seems Gigagolf will very eagerly charge one’s credit card when an order is built, but they come up with all kinds of excuses for a timely refund.


Gigagolf P2 Fairway Fairway Wood – Reviews, Ratings, Pictures, Details.

Some of the changes these clubs allowed me to make where 1 allowing me to eliminate my fairway woods most of the time and hit long irons which I’m able to control much better and get more consistent results. Hopefully this issue is now closed. I was playing Callaways, and there’s no comparison to the feel and accuracy.

We would be happy to put graphite in those if you would like to go back. I purchased a set of irons for my 14 yr old son last year – what a first set of clubs huh? Build and buy your clubs online, play them for 30 days, if they do not meet your expectations you may return them and we will refund your credit card.

That is almost unheard of in game-improvement irons these days. I love telling my golfing buddies how little I paid for my clubs.

Play better golf with custom clubs fit for you and your game. So I called for a return authorization.