Must use LightScribe-enabled media discs and supporting software in order to take advantage of the LightScribe technology. If you are using the FlexiJack as your Digital In connection and you want toconnect digital speakers as your output device, you will need a special connector fromCreative. Describe what happens when you hit the power button so we can make sure it is the motherboard. Restart your computer after the driver installation. Checking the wireless LAN device installationTo set up your wireless network, verify that the integrated WLAN device is installed on yourcomputer correctly. Click “Next” and then follow the instructions provided. Have the internal ribbon cable replaced if the drive cannot read the CD, or have the DVD drive replaced if a new cable does not help.

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Do you already have an account? Power Supply W W power supply.

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Your manual failed to upload Telephone lines are a common path for lightning spikes to getinto your system. Answered on Mar 02, The computer supports two tuner configurations: The example shows two sets of Component connectors that you can use: Page 33 6 Connect the cables to the audio system.

Restart your computer after the driver installation. Each update for the Blu-ray player enables you to play more recent discs, since some interactive features may not be compatible with older software.


Many surge protection devices have surge protection inputs and outputs formodem or telephone lines. When connecting an analog video camera to the ;avilion, use the Video andAudio In connectors on the front or back of the computer. Software Titles that shipped with PC note: I would be very leery of buying a new one of the same model.

Click “Start” and then “Computer. Everything spins up and turns on lights etc. Restart after each update. Reactivating messagesWhen you reactivate the HP Connections or Compaq Connections service, the service runswhenever you are connected to the Internet, and you automatically receive messages asthey become available.

No Yes No No. Avoid watching DVD movies while you have a virus system scan operating on your computer system. Connect only one video input for each input set. A pin header on the card provides additional S-Video, composite video, and audio inputs for multimedia connections on the front of some PC cases. Improves an incomparable all-in-one. If you are using a TV antenna orstandard cable connector, thesignal is routed to a single tuner.

HP Pavilion Slimline s3120n

Apple teaches an old design new tricks. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Ok guys, I’ve searched for hours now and I can not find any good video on how to replace the motherboard in this computer. Page 55 If your TV has a composite video input jack, and your computer has a compositevideo output jack, connect a composite video cable C to the Video In jack on theTV and to the composite video out jack D on the back of the computer selectmodels only.


I just think you should advise him not to buy another of the same board because it is not just a random problem but a specific problem that effects a large proportion of that model board. If you go this route, buy only from top-rated sellers in your home country that offer at least a day refund if the board is defective. The modem is used for connecting to an ISP that provides a telephone dial-up connectionto the Internet.

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So in that price range if your uncle is insistent on repairing the computer getting another of the same board might be an option and just take your chances on how long it lasts. Try a different DVD movie. Page 8 Using surge protectionHelp protect your monitor, computer, and accessories by connecting all power cords foryour computer and peripheral devices such as a monitor, printer, or scanner to a surgeprotection device such as a power strip with surge protection or an uninterruptible powersupply UPS.

For best results, choose the best-quality connection type that is supportedby your optional equipment. Don’t see a manual ho are looking for?