Operates in excatly the same way as Microsoft Exchange — ActiveSync smartphones connecting over-the-air cannot tell that they are not connecting to an Exchange Server. Below is a message I tried to get to Microsoft with no success? Your HD2 is running WM. Just added a new contact onto the phone, then logged into Gmail and the new contact was there. Put it into USB Flasher mode.

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I used AndroPlus with Arabic. I’ve had similar problems which I have had to soft reset to re-establish connection. I can sync the phone via Outlook on my PC but not over the air.

Your HD2 is running WM. This was not a Windows Mobile or Hotmail problem, it was a setup problem between the HD2 and my mobile service that added a proxy address for the ISP when was is not needed. After much frustration and hair pulling i stumbled across a website where someone had a similar problem also, but with the Touch PRO.

HELP !!! HD2 cant connect with ACTIVE SYNC

hv2 Does the Windows Live provide calendar sync? The WM Outlook seems to be missing the plug-in that’s available for Outlook desktop edition. This is ridiculous — we are returning all of our Windows 7 Phones and getting iPhones!! Follow instructions shown on the monitor to install “ClockworkMod” recovery. You can still purchase apps for your phone from 3rd party websites that have sold windows mobile applications for years long before Microsoft set up it’s now defunct marketplace.


Discussions include mobile phones and smart phones, choosing a service provider, bluetooth headsetsring tones, and other phone-related questions. Full sync still not working with Hotmail.

I had some activesync problems too, but h2d thing came suddenly, i never had problems before: I’d to spend lots of time playing with the phone, but Gmail Activesync does what I want it to acctivesync so why waste time.

It asked to be rebooted, but I found no other way than to take out the battery. This section is not written yet. After the system recovery everthing was fine again, activesync now works in fast connection mode again!

Want to join in? Only complete this step after both HSPL2. First boot takes approximately minutes, If the initial boot took more than 8 minutes, a mistake have been made, and the process must be commenced again.

If you have problems with any of the steps in activfsync article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. If you do not, then please complete the following steps: This was helpful 0. OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, The activesync works very well, even though it’s still in Beta with Gmail.


Fully actibesync email, calendar, and contact data to smartphones connected to the MailSite Mobile Server.

Back to Phones forum 21 total posts. We tried the Windows Live and some of the other solutions and they are not good. Regardless it doesn’t help me with my mobile sync: Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. I would work hc the simple solution of Gmail.

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I’ve been trying to setup the phone so that it syncs in real time the email, contacts and calendar with my hotmail account.

Htf think there’s some confusion.

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