Two manual settings are crucially important. Suspend now does not drain the battery like it used to. The version of radeontool in breezy does not support ‘radeontool power off’, so I doubt that tools could have fixed the bug either. Start with startx — -layout xineramaLayout. And if so, then which driver should I look for on hte Lenovo site?

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Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

ThinkVantage System Update 3. See full activity log. Note, this contains a recent version of ntfsresize, which respects the rescue partition.

Note that this fix is experimental and may not ihm on all systems affected by this bug yet. Ubuntu pauses during boot-up while attempting to synchronize the system clock with a remote time server, but you probably aren’t connected to the internet when you boot with a ThinkPad, so this attempt accomplishes nothing. Don’t press Enter to boot, because you will not be able to boot into Linux.

At least I could never find a way to make it find itself again. This page was last modified on 16 Marchat Next, remove the character from the front of each line except the top line described in the previous paragraph that begins deb http: If you do not intend to run that command, then add these strings by hand to the kernel line that launches Ubuntu and reboot. What is wrong in using the radeonfb? This bug has been flagged because it is old and possibly inactive.


Press the power button to wake the system; the desktop should reappear automatically. If you don’t want to insert the CD each time you update your system, comment this out by inserting the character at the front of the line. There is now a preliminary fix to this issue, but it needs work and integration.

We need this to automatically load modules, like sound and wireless.

Save the file and reboot. Some artifacts exists, so no-accelleration on “second” screen: ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8.

I’ve got Auto Updates to Check for new updates several times, and it hasn’t changed. Next, when the installer suggests that you install the Grub bootloader on the Master Boot Record MBR of your first hard disk, do not agree.

Client Security Solution v7. In a terminal, enter these commands:.

Configs – ThinkWiki

I wanted to install Linux to the second hard disk while keeping my original Windows XP system on first internal hard disk – and I wanted the Linux installation to leave my Windows installation and its disk entirely untouched. Wireless support in Hoary is, surprisingly, worse than in Warty Ubuntu 4. Can be used to underclock to reduce power, especialy when on batteries.


They are made for the T41p GHGbut should be easily adoptable to other models. To post a comment you must log in.

Reboot, again pressing F12 to select the second hard disk as your boot disk if necessary, and test your changes. Client Security Solution v6.

We thinkpaf more testing feedback. Thanks for your help. The way this last week has been going, with 2 or 3 updates a day to the Lenovo site, I’d say they’re preparing for the 30th and we’ll see a release driver pretty soon. Yeah, this has been reported before with the IBM T ubm. The touchpad is configured for scrolling only using in “xorg.

As for installing ‘Message Centers’ and the likes – they’re a complete waste of disk space. These rules create some useful symlinks and a names.