Tuner recording is started at the same time of the setday repeatedly. No sound or distortion duringplayback. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Recording voice Recording voice Recording voice To pause recording voice To stop recording voice 1 Press and hold the When the operation finishes restart your computer in order to use the updated driver.

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Page 2 WelcomeWelcome to iriver Websitehttp: Driver for iriver, Inc. Connect the earphones as shown below. Tell us about it.

Top power packs for phones and USB-C laptops. Beep VolumeSet beep volume level. The Big Wearable Trends. Can set the range of recording time from 10 Min.

iRiver IFP-900 User Manual

Basic operationBasic operationTurning on the playerConnect the earphones as shown below. WelcomeWelcome to iriver Websitehttp: The scroll goes from the left to the right.

Well now, you can. Aug 10 The option to print the manual has irivdr been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual.


Getting started Getting started Handling Notices for Safety Handling Notices for Safety Keep the player away from strong magnets Do not place objects inside the device. The FM Tuner is up to scratch, with nameable station presets, using the file manager software and standard direct recording to the flash memory.

Iriver iFP Series Manuals

These activities may cause the battery to explode resulting in serious injury. Clean oriver plug with a dryand soft cloth. Playing in a favorite order Program Playing in a favorite order Program Program play To remove files from the The current function appears on the LCD screen. IRiver IFP user manual. Get In Stock Alerts on Twitter. Note It may not charge properly in hot or cold temperature environments.

If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them.

This driver works on Windows 5. Run the driver installer file from a user account with administrative rights. Luigi can be contacted directly at ml[ ]i4u.


When the lever ismoved to R Right, 20 the sound outputs at the right earphone. Firmware UpgradeProvides the latest updated features via firmware upgrade. Check whether the plug is dirty.

IRiver MP3 Player IFP User Guide |

Ever thought of saving to do lists as text files on your MP3 player? Plays the beginning 10 seconds of each track in sequential order.

Con Summary of the content on the page No. Seems to be the new must have feature for high-end MP3 Players. Get the free Tracker App now. If you favour the flash storage option, this is the all singing and dancing, one for you and don’t mind paying that little bit extra for it. Set to “0” for OFF.